June 2016 archive

Jun 30

Today’s News 30th June 2016

Rotten To The Core Submitted by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, Coercion is inseparable from corruption. When a group coerces with impunity, it steals from, lies to, defrauds, and enslaves the subjugated. The dominant group invariably develops a morally comforting ideology of its superiority and the subjugated’s inferiority. Such relationships are the essence …

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Jun 29

Today’s News 29th June 2016

16 Reasons To Celebrate Brexit's Win Submitted by Doug Bandow via NationalInterest.org, Watching the Brexit campaign generated mixed feelings: it was a little like the man who saw his mother-in-law drive his new Mercedes off a cliff. In the United Kingdom, some people who hated free trade, immigration and market innovation challenged the officious, wannabe …

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Jun 28

Today’s News 28th June 2016

Beijing Is Falling… Literally If you've ever been to Beijing and gotten that sinking feeling (no, not the one that those get when being disappeared), then you're not alone because the city is literally sinking. According to a new study, Beijing is sinking 11cm (4 inches) a year because the city is using too much …

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Jun 27

Today’s News 27th June 2016

Brexit Drives Gold Frenzy, Report 26 June, 2016 The big news this week was that the British voted to exit the European Union. This was not the outcome expected by pundits, or the polls. “Risk on” assets were relentlessly bid up prior to the vote. For example, S&P 500 index futures had closed the previous …

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Jun 26

Today’s News 26th June 2016

Is Brexit The First Of Many Dominoes? A Few Charts Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist   Is Brexit the First of Many Dominoes? Markets have been turned upside down by a surprise Brexit result and the resignation of David Cameron. While there is looming uncertainty around how this will affect the United Kingdom and Europe from …

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Jun 25

Today’s News 25th June 2016

First The UK, Then Scotland… Then Texas? Submitted by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, That didn't take long. Only hours after the final results came in for a British exit from the EU, political leaders in Scotland are talking about renewing their drive to secede from the United Kingdom.  Pointing to the fact that …

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Jun 24

Today’s News 24th June 2016

Bund Yields Crash Most Ever To Record Lows As Peripheral Sovereign Risk Explodes With 10Y German Bunds yields collapsing 26bps to a record -17bps low, European capital markets have gone a little but “turbo.”     And Peripheral bond spreads are exploding… For some context, Portuguese bond risk is up 80bps today (the most since …

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Jun 23

Today’s News 23rd June 2016

British Discontent About The EU: Only A Precursor To Unrest On The Continent Authored by Peter Cleppe, originally posted at Euro Insight, If Brexit marks the beginning of the end for the European project, Brussels will take its share of the blame If Britain leaves the EU and if the reaction to Brexit causes years …

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Jun 22

Today’s News 22nd June 2016

Britain Doesn't Need The EU To Thrive Submitted by Frank Hollenbeck via The Mises Institute, The United Kingdom will tomorrow vote either to leave or remain in the European Union. This is the most important European event of this century since it will likely have important domino effects for the rest of Europe. A recent …

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Jun 21

Today’s News 21st June 2016

Why A UK Billionaire Believes Brexit Would Be "Good For The UK" The City of London and the pound would both benefit from the U.K. leaving the EU, says billionaire Peter Hargreaves. Brexit may knock the pound initially, but it would rebound, the co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown — the largest U.K. retail broker, with more …

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