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Aug 31

Today’s News 31st August 2016

The Day The Lights Go Out And The Trucks Stop Running Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, What would happen if some sort of major national emergency caused a massive transportation disruption that stopped trucks from running?  The next time you talk to a trucker, please thank them for their service, because …

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Aug 30

Today’s News 30th August 2016

Greek 'Thought Police' Prosecute Bishop For (Accurately) Calling 'Refugees', "Illegal Migrants" Submitted by Maria Polizoidou via The Gatestone Institute, The Minister for Immigration Affairs himself, repeatedly stated that 50% to 70% of migratory flows to Greece were illegal migrants and the rest were refugees. The illegal migrants come from 77 different countries. If it is …

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Aug 29

Today’s News 29th August 2016

Brazil's Banana Scoundrels Will Now Win Their Olympics Authored by Pepe Escobar via, The Rio Olympics are gone – Bolt, Phelps, Neymar, the green pool, the Ugly American Lochte and all – but a global audience may have been spared a shameful last act. Mediocre incompetent opportunist, corrupt coward traitor, and certified political usurper, …

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Aug 28

Today’s News 28th August 2016

Negative Rates and Cash Bans: The Chaos Continues at Jackson Hole From: Negative rates should be integral part of central bank policy options … Central banks should make negative interest rates a fully integrated part of monetary policy in order to respond effectively to future recessions, according to an academic paper presented on Friday …

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Aug 27

Today’s News 27th August 2016

One World Currency introduced by The Cartel Settlement Coin Well, it finally happened.  Mark your calendars for the year 2016 as ‘the year’ a real One World Currency has been announced.  But don’t worry – as we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – MONEY DOESN’T EXIST. How is it possible, you say – when we haven’t …

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Aug 26

Today’s News 26th August 2016

How Long Will It Take For The ECB To Own All Sovereign Debt Of Spain, Germany, France? Submitted by Michael Shedlock via, Huky Guru on Guru’s Blog posted a chart that answers the question: How Long Will it Take For the ECB to Own All Sovereign Debt of Eurozone Countries?      At the …

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Aug 25

Today’s News 25th August 2016

Four More Mega-Banks Join The Anti-Dollar Alliance Submitted by Simon Black via, That was fast. Yesterday I told you how a consortium of 15 Japanese banks had just signed up to implement new financial technology to clear and settle international financial transactions. This is a huge step. Right now, most international financial transactions must …

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Aug 24

Today’s News 24th August 2016

Is The EU Volcano About To Erupt? Submitted by Mike Shedlock via, I am wondering if the EU volcano is about to erupt. My rationale is Matteo Renzi, Francois Hollande, and Angela Merkel met on a volcanic island near Naples, specifically chosen as a symbolic mark of their joint resolve to stay the course …

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Aug 23

Today’s News 23rd August 2016

Dispelling The Norwegian Housing Myth Submitted by Alexander Grover in Oslo, Norway Recently, Dagens Næringsliv published an article where an economist from DnB (Norway’s largest bank) stated that Norway is not in a housing bubble although conditions resemble one and prices can still fall.  The article bases the current prices on the following assumptions: High …

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Aug 22

Today’s News 22nd August 2016

Brexit: Worst Case Scenario For EU; Armageddon Promise Now Exposed As Pack Of Lies Submitted by Michael Shedlock via, Project Fear predicted economic meltdown if Britain voted leave. Where are the devastated high streets, job losses and crashing markets? In other Brexit news, Sweden warns the UK about cutting corporate taxes. How should the …

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