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Oct 31

Today’s News 31st October 2016

The Loosening Grip – A Beginner's Guide To The Death Throes Of Empire Submitted by Fred Reed via FredOnEverything.com, Oh good. The world reaches a crossroads, or probably a road off a cliff, just when I want to relax and watch gratuitous violence on the tube. To judge by the rapid drift of events aboard our planetary asylum, …

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Oct 30

Today’s News 30th October 2016

ABC/Wapo Effectively Admit To Poll Tampering As Hillary's "Lead" Shrinks To 2-Points Just yesterday we wrote about the very curious ABC / Wapo poll which seemed to show Hillary’s blow-out 12-point lead from last Sunday get cut in half in a matter of just two days.  But the ABC/Wapo enigma continues to grow today as …

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Oct 29

Today’s News 29th October 2016

Come Hillary or High Water, It’s Just About Hell Week for the Economy The following article by David Haggith was published first on The Great Recession Blog:  Election week is only about a week away. No matter who wins, rage will break out across the US landscape because, for the time being, the flames are kept minimally under a lid …

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Oct 28

Today’s News 28th October 2016

American Apparel Preparing Second Bankruptcy Filing In A Year Less than 9 months after emerging from Chapter 11 proceedings, American Apparel is allegedly preparing for another bankruptcy filing after turnaround efforts by the previous plan of reorganization sponsors, including Standard General, Monarch Alternative Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Pentwater Capital, have apparently failed.  While …

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Oct 27

Today’s News 27th October 2016

Paul Craig Roberts: "Putin's Nukes Could Wipe Out Entire American East Coast" In Minutes Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com, Suffice to say, though children are at play, this is not a game. Those who have been toying with outright war against Russia, and an escalation of the conflict in Syria, are putting the lives …

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Oct 26

Today’s News 26th October 2016

Washington's Struggle: Remaining Relevant Submitted by Federico Pieraccini via Strategic-Culture.org, The most important event of the past 70 years is the change in the international order, from a US unipolar domination to a new multipolar reality. The fundamental question lies in understanding how this transition is taking place, its consequences and root causes The transition …

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Oct 25

Today’s News 25th October 2016

The Oil-Gas War Over Syria (In 4 Maps) Submitted by Eric Zuesse via Strategic Culture Foundation Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency, though government-run, is providing remarkably clear and reliable diagrammatic descriptions of the current status of the U.S – and – fundamentalist – Sunni, versus Russia – and – Shia – and – NON – fundamentalist …

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Oct 24

Today’s News 24th October 2016

NATO Continues To Prepare For War With Russia Submitted by Peter Korzun via Strategic-Culture.org, NATO uses any pretext to accuse Russia of harboring aggressive intentions. It has raised ballyhoo over the recent deployment of Iskander short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to the Kaliningrad region. Time and time again, the alliance reaffirms its bogus Russia narrative. “We …

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Oct 23

Today’s News 23rd October 2016

Walls, Going Viral By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at Market dislocations occur when financial markets, operating under stressful conditions, experience large widespread asset mispricing. Welcome to this week’s edition of “World Out Of Whack” where every Wednesday we take time out of our day to laugh, poke fun at and present to you absurdity in global financial markets in all it’s glorious …

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Oct 22

Today’s News 22nd October 2016

BullionStar attends LBMA Conference in Singapore, October 2016 Introduction This year, the well-known annual conference of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) was held in Singapore between Sunday 16 October and Tuesday 18 October at the impressive Shangri-La Hotel. The conference attracts delegates and speakers from across the world of bullion, with representatives from precious metals refiners, mints, …

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