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Aug 31

Today’s News 31st August 2017

Armed Man Protects Flood Stricken Neighborhood From Looters Content originally published at The good news gleaned from this amateur footage taken by a woman who was afflicted by Hurricane Harvey was that someone had the heart to stand up to savage looters. The man featured below is self-described former law enforcement, holding down his …

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Aug 30

Today’s News 30th August 2017

Why Every European Country Has A Trump Or Sanders Candidate Authored by Richard Drake via, The suicide in the Friuli region of northern Italy earlier this year of a 30-year-old man, identified in the newspapers only as Michele, has become a symbol of the country’s unemployment tragedy, particularly as it affects young people. Though …

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Aug 29

Today’s News 29th August 2017

Christian Group Sues SPLC And Amazon After Being Labeled A "Hate Group" Last week D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM), a Christian-based missionary ministry based in Florida, filed a lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Amazon after being added to the SPLC’s list of “hate groups” and excluded from Amazon’s charitable donation program, …

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Aug 28

Today’s News 28th August 2017

Macron Approval Rating Crashes Twice As Fast As Trump's It appears that Trump is no longer the president with the fastest plunge in his approval rating: that honor has now fallen to France’s Emanuel Macron, who since his dramatic victory in the May 7 presidential election, has seen his popularity plummet, and according to a …

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Aug 27

Today’s News 27th August 2017

Paul Craig Roberts: "There Is A Conspiracy… And It's Against The American People" Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and …

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Aug 26

Today’s News 26th August 2017

Sebastian Gorka Resigns From White House Post A week after the White House pushed out former chief strategist Steve Bannon, the Trump administration has lost another controversial staffer. The departee this week is Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president and former Breitbart employee who was closely allied with the White House’s rapidly shrinking …

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Aug 25

Today’s News 25th August 2017

Macron Spent $30,000 On Makeup In Three Months One year ago, when he was still president, Francois Hollande scandalized the establishment when it emerged that amid record unemployment, painful labor reforms, a sliding economy and the most serious social unrest in decades, the French president’s personal hairdressed was getting paid a gross salary by the …

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Aug 24

Today’s News 24th August 2017

Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam And Political Correctness Authored by A.Z.Mohamed via The Gatestone Institute, The attempt in the West to impose a strict set of rules about what one is allowed to think and express in academia and in the media — to the point that anyone who disobeys is discredited, demonized, intimidated …

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Aug 23

Today’s News 23rd August 2017

How The US Deep State Accidentally Forged A Multipolar World Order Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation, In every nation there are power conglomerates that determine and influence the domestic and foreign policy choices their nations. In the United States, it is important to highlight the concept known as American exceptionalism that …

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Aug 22

Today’s News 22nd August 2017

Petition To Label Antifa A "Terrorist Organization" Reaches Critical Milestone A petition calling for the White House to officially brand the Antifa movement as a terrorist organization has reached the threshold of signatures necessary to compel the Trump administration to reply, according to the Washington Times. The petition received its 100,000th signature around 8 p.m. …

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