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Sep 30

Today’s News 30th September 2017

God is Dead From the Slope of Hope blog: That’s something I’ve got in common with Private Pyle: he wants to be different. For whatever reason, I’m a contrarian to the core. Indeed, one of the appeals of messing around with personal computers back in 1980 was that practically nobody else was doing it (in …

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Sep 29

Today’s News 29th September 2017

Here Are The Cities Of The World Where "The Rent Is Too Damn High" In ancient times, like as far back as the 1990s, housing prices grew roughly inline with inflation rates because they were generally set by supply and demand forces determined by a market where buyers mostly just bought houses so they could …

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Sep 28

Today’s News 28th September 2017

UK Public Schools Forcing Girls As Young As Four To Wear Muslim Veil Research published in The Sunday Times this week revealed that eight state-funded British schools are forcing children to wear the Islamic hijab along with other Muslim female dress code requirements, which includes girls as young as four. The findings are based on …

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Sep 27

Today’s News 27th September 2017

Why Political Correctness Fails (When What We Know "For Sure" Is Wrong) Authored by Gail Tverberg via Our Finite World blog, Most of us are familiar with the Politically Correct (PC) World View. William Deresiewicz describes the view, which he calls the “religion of success,” as follows: There is a right way to think and a right …

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Sep 26

Today’s News 26th September 2017

A Failing Empire, Part 1: Russia & China's Military Strategy To Contain The US Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Looking at the global political landscape over the last month, two trends are becoming more apparent. The infamous military and economic power at America’s disposal is declining, whereas in the multipolar field, …

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Sep 25

Today’s News 25th September 2017

People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The more people there are who ignore facts that contradict their beliefs, the likelier a dictatorship will emerge within a given country. Here is how aristocracies, throughout the Ages, have controlled the masses, by taking advantage of this widespread tendency people …

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Sep 24

Today’s News 24th September 2017

The Danger Of Patriotism Authored by Bob Livingston via Personal Liberty blog, My friends, it is frightening how simple we are and how easily we are manipulated simply because we are intellectually lazy. The U.S. establishment has confused cause and effect by and through a flag-waving mania in America. "Patriotism" throughout history has covered a …

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Sep 23

Today’s News 23rd September 2017

Will The Deep State's War On Trump Lead To An Actual Civil War? Authored by Andrew Karybko via Oriental Review, Oriental Review is publishing the English original of Andrew Korybko’s interview with an Iranian newspaper from earlier this month. After only eight months after entering into office, we have witnessed the resignation and dismissal of 15 high-ranked …

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Sep 22

Today’s News 22nd September 2017

"You're Going To See A Rush For Gold" – Katusa Warns De-Dollarization Is Accelerating Authored by Mac Slavo via, Global strategist Marin Katusa is the New York Times best selling author of The Colder War, which details the geo-political power shift that threatens the global dominance of the United States. He’s also a well known …

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Sep 21

Today’s News 21st September 2017

Never Forget: The US Government Has A Known History Of Using False Flags Authored by Caitlyn Johnstone via, When it comes to 9/11, there are two groups of people: those who don’t know exactly what happened, and those who orchestrated it. Nearly everyone on earth belongs in the former category, but a lot of …

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