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Oct 31

Today’s News 31st October 2017

Paul Craig Roberts Goes There: "One Day, Tomorrow Won't Arrive" Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Before the idiots in Washington get us blown off of the face of the earth, the morons had better come to terms with the fact that the US military is now second class compared to the Russian military. For example, …

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Oct 30

Today’s News 30th October 2017

The Petrodollar's Biggest Challengers Authored by Michael Kern via CryptoInsider, Established in the early 1970s, the petrodollar has secured the United States’ influence over the oil trade for over 40 years, but recently, it is clear that this monopoly is slowly beginning to fall apart – in some part due to the influence of Bitcoin …

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Oct 29

Today’s News 29th October 2017

Trump Confirms "All JFK Files Are Released" After Latest Clash With Spy Agencies Update: Following Friday's disappointing release of some, but not all, remaining files related to the death of President John F. Kennedy, President Trump just confirmed, via tweet, that the rest of the files are released, well ahead of schedule… JFK Files are …

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Oct 28

Today’s News 28th October 2017

Bombshell: Hillary Clinton, DNC Colluded With Russia In An Attempt To Steal The Election From Donald Trump Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com, Fresh off the heels of a shocking report, published by the Washington Post, that confirmed that the infamous “Russia dossier” was actually funded by both the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, an even more …

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Oct 27

Today’s News 27th October 2017

UK Retail Employment Plunges Most Since 2008 As Retail Sales Crash Yesterday we noted the surge in cable following the stronger-than-expected Q3 GDP print of 0.4% Q/Q, above the 0.3% estimate. Afterwards, the market was calculating an 87% chance that the BoE would hike next week. Brown Brothers commented that: The case against a hike …

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Oct 26

Today’s News 26th October 2017

Volcano Experts To Monitor Canary Islands After Hundreds Of Earthquakes Recorded Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, It certainly seems like volcanoes are erupting all over the world right now, and the newest region to attract scientists’ attention, is the Canary Islands.  After hundreds of mini-earthquakes were this week, experts were called in to monitor a …

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Oct 25

Today’s News 25th October 2017

India 'Elites' Mimic Washington: Claim Russian 'Twitter Troll' Is Backing Opposition Party Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review, The US-Indian Strategic Partnership has rapidly evolved to such a point that the Indian government is now obliquely hinting that Russian twitter trolls are backing the country’s opposition leader, showing that New Delhi is willing to …

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Oct 24

Today’s News 24th October 2017

Germany‚Äôs Delegation To Russia Signals That Merkel Is Looking For New Allies By George Friedman of Mauldin Economics A delegation of executives from major German corporations recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such delegations are not unusual. Sometimes it is routine, sometimes a courtesy. But occasionally, it has significance. In the case of Russia-Germany …

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Oct 23

Today’s News 23rd October 2017

"Czech Donald Trump" Wins Landslide Victory Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, The election outcome, the result of popular discontent with established parties, is the latest in a recent wave of successes for European populists, including in Austria and Germany. The populist ascendancy highlights a shifting political landscape in Europe where runaway multiculturalism …

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Oct 22

Today’s News 22nd October 2017

Xi's Roadmap To The Chinese Dream Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, China's Belt and Road Initiative – the New Silk Road – will spark the country's development and turn the dream into reality… It all starts with Hong Kong as a major BRI financing hub. Now that President Xi Jinping has been …

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