Health, Food & Eugenics

Various national and international bodies are responsible for World Health, food, water and population control, including the following:

(WHO) World Health Organisation – UN body
(WFP) World Food Programme – UN body
(FAO) Food and Agriculture Agency – UN body

(ECDC) European Centre for Disease prevention and Control – EU body
(EFSA) European Food Safety Agency – EU body
(EMA) European Medicines Agency – EU body
(EAHC) Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – EU body

(HSE) Health & Safety Executive – UK
(FSA) Food Standards Agency – UK

(FDA) Food & Drugs Administration – US

We have no control over what is added into purchased food, but we can control what we put into our mouths.
EVERYONE should become more aware of what is in food and what chemicals are used in non-organic production, if the alleged plans for population reduction are true, your life could depend on it. The following sources all suggest a significant (around 80%) World population reduction:
• Report from Iron Mountain (1967)
• Georgia Guide Stones (Georgia, USA)
• Report by Henry Kissinger to Richard Nixon (1974)
• Codex Alimentarius
• UN Agenda 21

In addition
• Prince Philip once stated “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”
• In the late 19th Century, thirty US States had laws for compulsory sterilisation of “mental patients” and “imbeciles”, this practise continued into the 1970’s.
• A certain Adolf Hitler actively pursued euthanasia and population control

10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy — This Chart Shows How




This site does not attempt in any way to offer medical advice of any kind. We believe there may be many serious issues relating to the medical profession, but no-one should take any suggestions made as medical advice.Everyone should thoroughly investigate treatments and alternative cures for themselves, and where possible seek professional advice, from qualified practitioners. In …

(So-called) Health Scares

Health Scares We will now consider the following health scares which had politicians and the media announcing impending catastrophe and millions of deaths, not unlike MMGW really. • BSE variant CJD • Listeria • Salmonella in eggs • Lead in petrol • Asbestos • Passive smoking • DDT BSE variant CJD Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), …

Codex Alimentarius

According to Wikipedia: The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety. Its name derives from the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus. Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a …

Real Health Issues

Typically, real health issues tend to get played down or flatly denied. Clearly that is not always the case, but there are many notable instances, such as: Vaccinations Food Additives Pharmaceutical Drugs Livestock Antibiotics Overuse of antibiotics and superbugs GMO’s Herbicides Pesticides E-Additives Heavy Metals Growth Hormone Organophosphates Pollution Air Quality issues Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy …


Cause of cancer Introduction You have probably been taught over and over again that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. This is scientifically absurd. Whether this belief is what some people actually believe or whether it is nothing but a scam to convince the general public that cancer cannot be cured, we do not …


Human Nutrition consists of three categories: Macronutrients Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Water Micronutrients Vitamins Minerals Trace Elemeents Phytonutrients/Phytochemicals Plant based organic compounds  


Eugenics is the “applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population,” usually referring to human populations. Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century, but by the late 20th century it had fallen into disfavour, having become associated …

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