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Our Aim

Our aims on this site are twofold:

  1. Highlight the nature of various issues
  2. Provide information and provoke thought

In the various sections we discuss a number of issues relating to what some people would call conspiracy theories, or sometimes social themes or memes. We don’t particularly subscribe to the term conspiracy theory as this implies there is no proof supporting the belief. What we believe is that there exists in the World a small number of hugely powerful and wealthy individuals who see themselves as the masters of the rest of the population. For hundreds of years these people have been manipulating world events, using their wealth, power and influence to achieve their objectives. Anyone challenging or questioning their agenda, or uncovering some of their schemes is immediately branded a conspiracy nut, this avoids the possibility of the theme being discussed in the wider context, and this is further reinforced by the disbelief (cognitive dissonance) of the general populations. many people will look at the content on websites like ours and will instantly dismiss as unrealistic or harebrained, and that is fine, we are only trying to provoke questions and answers in those people who have a feeling that not everything is as it seems in the World.

There is a lot of information on these pages, but we are only giving a brief grounding in the various subjects, in our resources section we give suggestions on obtaining further information through books, video’s and specialist websites. Our intention is not to change anyones mind, we understand that at this time of human development around 85% of the population are not ready to question the status quo, or that governments and officialdom could lie to them. For the remaining 15% who have open minds and are willing to suspend their previously held beliefs, we offer several startling and often worrying suggestions and developments, that may completely change their lives. It can be a true epiphany, when even one of these suggestions is accepted, and then it becomes possible to question other previously held beliefs, for many (85%) this is too painful. In the possibly not too distant future, something truly profound is going to happen that will have an Earth shattering effect on a vast number of people, which will make them question everything they have ever believed in the past. As things stand right now, that could be something like total economic collapse in the West, followed by social collapse. If this happens, people would then be open to the concept of fiat currencies and how they ultimately destroy economies and societies, and always have. Then we won’t be cranks and crackpots any longer and then questioning authority will become the norm.

Our second objective, as mentioned above is to provide useful information available in one place, so people can access the information they need in one place. Obviously this information will only be relevant to our general subject matter, we’re not claiming to be an Encycopedia Britannica. As an example, currently on this site you will find chronological lists of British monarchs and PM’s, American Presidents, World Economies (GDP),  members of the Crown Council of thirteen, committee of 300 and Bilderberg, UK Privy Councillors and Think Tanks, list of E-additives, a list of vitamins, including B1 to B17 (plus B22, Bh, Bp and Bt) including their names, recommended dosage, sources, benefits/uses and deficiency symptoms, as well as most dietary minerals and many others. Clearly we intend to keep this growing and improving, we intend to produce a complete list of current UK QUANGO’s including all funding, costing, list of executives and their remuneration which is no easy feat, but in a transparent society should be readily and easily accessible to anyone. We will also be adding information regarding UK and EU elections, lists of MP’s and MEP’s, members of the EU commission. Our belief is that a lot of this information is not as readily and rapidly available as people might suspect, unless you happen to be an absolute genius with search engines. Our aim is to make this information available easily for anyone. As an example, how simple would it be for someone to find out how many MP’s sit in parliament, how many of those are from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who are they, which party do they represent, what percentage of the electorate voted in the last election, what percentage did each party receive, and how many MP’s. All of this information can be found on the internet, but we don’t believe easily in one place, that is our plan, but obviously in many more area’s than the House of commons. A huge task. We also want to be able to cross-reference and link to different pages and definitions and meaning of terms, as well as linked glossary of terms.

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