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Law & Order


Your birth certificate created a legal fiction (straw man) using your name in capital letters, along with a title (Mr, Mrs, Miss etc) which is used to prosecute, charge and fine you.

Our government, police forces, courts, government departments, councils and many others are corporations, which exist to make a profit.

Police men (women) serve and protect the public and uphold the law, police officers enforce corporate policies in the form of statutes (Acts of parliament)

Whatever you register you give away, you relinquish legal title and obtain beneficiary title. For example, your children, your car, your house, your business. These should only be recorded, not registered.

A living Human Being is the most powerful “thing” in the land, second only to God, subject only to common law jurisdiction, unless or until they concede to be subject to legal statutes.

Money and Economy

Our national debt is in excess of £2.3 trillion pounds, when Labour came to power it was almost zero. Factor in pensions shortfall and this figure is nearer £4 trillion.

The money we use (fiat money) has no real value, it is nothing more than an IOU – It says it’s a promise to pay. In 1928 we left the Gold standard, prior to that money had a value. If all debt were paid off, there would be no money in circulation.

Our government is empowered to print all the money it needs without interest, instead it borrows from private bankers with interest, why?

Our taxes are used solely to pay interest on the national debt.

Banks and finance companies create money when you sign a loan agreement/mortgage etc, through a process called fractional reserve banking, then they charge you with interest for money they never loaned to you. Your signature created for the banks effectively ten times (1000%) the amount of your loan/mortgage at zero risk to them, you then have to pay 2-3 times the amount back, and possibly much more.

A pound coin in 1971 was worth £1, now due to inflation it is worth 8 pence (value of metals in coin). Notes of any value are worth a couple of pence at most.

The global derivatives market debt is in excess of one quadrillion dollars (twelve zero’s), which is ten times the total amount of money in the global economy (approximately 100 trillion dollars). Derivatives have no intrinsic value!

TAMS – The Alternative Monetary System is due to be launched in the UK very soon and offers a real opportunity for many to get out of debt and among other services offers (completely) interest free loans and fractional reserve banking that benefits the depositor and NOT the bank.

See the downloads section for a spreadsheet of the top 150 global economies, many of which are Corporations, which shows the GDP of countries, their populations, their debt levels as of end 2010 and debt per person – Top 150 Economies 2010 and 2011.


We live in an elective dictatorship (per 1911 Parliament Act), not a democracy, operating as a plutocracy, where the real power is held by super rich corporatist’s (Oligarchs).

Our membership of the EU is a result of treason, as is the signing of the various treaties (Maastricht, Rome, Lisbon etc). The Bill of Rights 1689 confirms that changes to governance can only occur with the will of the people or as a result of being conquered in war.

The Bilderberg group, trilateral commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chatham House), Club of Rome and UN are all part of the controlling New World Order.

The Georgia stones (USA) has ten rules (commandments), the first of which suggests the World population should be maintained at 500 million people, current World population is 7 billion. All the rest are “useless eaters”.

The people of the UK through Magna Carta and other constitutional documents are the real power of the Country, anyone else is elected to serve and protect us. We as sovereigns grant sovereignty to the Queen, and she swore an oath of office to serve and protect, as do all public servants including the police, judges and politicians.

Energy, Peak Oil and environment

Fossil fuel power stations produce approximately 80% of the UK energy needs, yet according to the EU we must shut down our coal power stations by the end of 2015, to be replaced by renewables.

In the two recent very cold spells in the UK, wind power accounted for less than 1% of energy production, no wind, no power. Even if we built a million turbines (currently just over 3,000) they can’t replace fossil fuel power stations when the wind doesn’t blow.

The World economy operates under an absurd, unsustainable paradigm of infinite growth and finite resources.

Approximately 6 billion of the Worlds 7 billion people exist as a result of our use of fossil fuels (mainly oil), there is only so much in existence.

A Malthusian catastrophe (Thomas Malthus) occurs when supplies of a resource collapse and populations dependent upon that resource collapse. This is now referred to as peak oil (also coal, gas, uranium, platinum etc)

Peak oil refers to a point in time when a resource like oil has reached its maximum possible rate of recovery, from that point on the resource will be declining rapidly, not just the quantity available but also greater difficulty in extracting what’s left, the low growing fruit has been picked. This could occur in hundreds of years from now, or it may already have been reached, or is imminent, what is certain is that ultimately it is inevitable.

Air to air, and air to water heating systems are around 500% efficient (converting air down to -20 C to warm air or water) and yet who knows they exist? Surely they would help reduce fossil fuel consumption and are also environmentally friendly!!

Everyone should read “confronting collapse” by Michael C Ruppert, it may not convince you, but it SHOULD make everyone think about potentially the most important issue facing mankind and our future survival.

Global warming/Climate change – whatever they call it, it’s a scam! Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and temperature does not rise as a result of increased levels, the exact opposite is true. It accounts for considerably less than 1% of atmospheric gases, and only around 3% of greenhouse gases.

Humans use of fossil fuels accounts for only about 3% per annum of all carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, it is of course a laudable aim to reduce or eliminate our impact on the planet.

Planets and moons beyond Earth in the solar system are showing similar climate change to Earth.

The real cause of climate change (which obviously always happens) is, not surprisingly the sun.

UN’s Agenda 21 (sustainable development) plans to abolish ALL private ownership (first plank of communist manifesto), across the World, so the super rich will own everything, including us!

Health, Food and Eugenics

The AIDS virus is a man-made disease, which has nothing to do with HIV.

There are many safe, natural and effective cures for cancer – fact! Because they are natural the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent them, therefore they can’t make any money from them, and therefore we can’t have them

Fluoride is a deadly poison (between lead and arsenic in element toxicity) first added to drinking water in the Nazi concentration camps, as it was found to make prisoners more compliant and submissive. Also, it actually damages enamel in teeth and can lead to dental fluorosis.

Many vaccines include mercury as a preservative and most are potentially more dangerous than the disease they are supposed to cure.

Most recent strains of epidemic flu viruses are man-made (genetically modified) strains.

Codex Alimentarius is a UN/WHO initiative (1963) which in December 2009 banned all vitamin and mineral supplements in the third World. Vitamins are designated as drugs and should therefore be regulated (sold) only by drug (pharmaceutical) companies by prescription.

In the UK we are approximately only five days from starvation, how long could you last if ALL supermarkets stopped receiving deliveries?

Mercury amalgam dental fillings may be responsible for many serious health issues including Multiple Shclerosis and certain cancers. People with advanced cases of MS (wheelchair bound) have made complete recoveries after having their fillings removed or replaced with alternative types.

British grown apples are flown to South Africa to be waxed, then flown back to be sold in UK shops as British produce – one example of food madness, along with EU fishing quota’s and many others.

History, wars and Education

The invasion of Iraq was not about regime change, it was about seizing oil reserves, it was also an illegal invasion and our leaders could (and possibly should) face charges of war crimes and genocide.

For decades our governments have staged “false flag” events to impose draconian laws on the populace, 9/11 and 7/7 are recent examples.

9/11 was an inside job, which was allowed to happen so the US could introduce the patriot act and declare a war on terror, legitimising attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

No plane hit the pentagon, most likely was a bunker buster bomb.

Buildings cannot collapse upon themselves at free fall speed without demolition charges.

Building 7 collapsed for no reason at all, the owner said it was pulled, a process which can takes weeks to prepare.

Our education system is rigged to produce obedient workers

Science & religion

Science has become a religion as we are asked to believe many scientific “facts” on faith, such as man-mad global warming, BSE, salmonella in eggs, Listeria in cheese, buildings collapse upon themselves at free fall speed through path of most resistance.

Evidence suggests Darwin’s theory of evolution is not the incontrovertible truth we believe it to be. Survival of the fittest concept pits person against person, and ignores group and community cooperation.

The discovery of potentially limitless and free energy has been hidden from the public for decades, such as (Nikola) Tesla free energy and magnetic power sources.

Media, Propaganda and Entertainment

Journalism is meant to be about truth, not consensus, about uncovering corruption, not promoting celebrity.

All major media stories are filtered through two sources, Associated Press and Reuters, which are private corporations.

All mainstream media channels report the same news with the same slant, this is propaganda not free journalism.

Soap opera’s, reality TV and “celebrity” culture is designed to distract the masses from truly important matters – and it works!

Secret Societies and Esoteric Knowledge

All but one of the US founding fathers was a high-ranking Freemason

The City of London belongs to the Crown (not the royals) and was established by the Knights Templar (Temple, Temple Bar etc). The Queen requires permission to enter the City, she is not the Crown.

City of London (financial), Vatican (spiritual) and Washington DC (military) are true seats of global power and are completely independent of the Countries they reside in, and not subject to that Countries laws.

What is the “mystery religion” practised by high-ranking Freemasons and the Illuminati? It is Satanism or Luciferanism, and is practised by many people you know of as celebrities, including politicians, musicians and Hollywood actors.

Most people involved in freemasonry progress only to the 3rd degree and never know the true agenda.

George W Bush and Tony Blair are believed to be 33rd degree masons. George W Bush and John Kerry were fellow initiates of the infamous Yale University “Skull & Bones” Society.

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