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What can be done?

The most difficult aspect regarding our subject matter is what exactly is the truth, there exists so much information and disinformation that it is extremely difficulty to know the truth of almost anything.

Firstly, establish your own truths, what you know (or believe) to be subjective truth. You know your name, or at least what you are known as, or preferred to be known as, your actual name may differ between different official and unofficial documents. If you are known to everyone as John Smith, then in conversation at least it is irrelevant whether your name is in uppercase, lowercase or a combination. Most people in the West know their approximate date and time of birth, at least based on a calendar system common to people in USA, Europe and a few other countries, so you at least know your approximate age, relative to those around you. If you have a home you are aware of its address, the town and Country it resides within, at least in common agreement with those around you. Unfortunately you cannot be certain of any ownership issues regarding your home, you may have certain beliefs regarding this, there are many theories about who owns what, but ultimately under natural law it could be that no-one can actually own land, regardless of what any man-made law or legal document may say.

You know your gender at birth, the given names of those around you and your perceived relationship to certain other people. Most people have a reasonable understanding of whom their parents are, and who their siblings are, and other members of their extended family, but for some this may not be the case, some people have found late in their lives that they were adopted, or that they had siblings they were not aware of. This is not meant to undermine people, just to make them realise how difficult it is to be absolutely certain of almost anything.

Many things are understood through a common consensus, such that grass is green, heavy objects thrown or dropped will fall to the ground.

Many things you can verify through personal observation and experience, such as a fire is hot and burns, the sun rises in the East and sets in West, and of course many others.

Outside of the above, without personal observation or experience potentially everything could be questioned. It is possible that History and Science for instance have been compromised, so should be viewed with at least some level of skepticism, which includes any official perspective and any alternative (conspiracy theory) perspective. Unless you were near the WTC towers on 9/11, you can’t be certain of what happened, video footage can be altered, eye-witnesses could misinterpret what they saw or heard, they could have forgotten detail (due to trauma), they could lie. There is little doubt that a plane hit each of the towers and that both towers subsequently collapsed, what very few people did know or subsequently know is the detail of exactly what happened on that fateful and terrible day. Understanding events such as 9/11 should be approached in a dispassionate and unemotional manner. that does not mean for one moment that someone is dispassionate about the events, just that emotion and passion do not assist understanding. We cannot claim to know exactly what did happen that day, what we can say is that some of the official explanations are inconsistent and possibly implausible, also that it seems strange that only a fraction of the money spent on the impeachment of Bill Clinton was spent investigating the events of 9/11, which has the greatest impact on the public, a terrorist attack on Manhattan or seedy goings on in the White House?

What is fairly certain (in our view) is that the reporting from the mainstream media (MSM) cannot and should not be trusted as absolute truth, which of course does not mean they cannot report the truth, JFK was murdered, England won the World cup in 1966. What cannot be trusted is reporting on events, it’s very simple to edit footage, or omit sections, or concentrate on some aspects and not others, it may not even be deliberate.

The important point regarding all the above is for people to establish if what they are seeing or hearing or reading is an absolute certain known to them personally, or is it subjective, or someones opinion, or is it what we are told to believe, or is it conjecture? It’s not about looking for the lie in everything, it’s about looking for the truth. If our government have been lying to us, or misleading us, or cheating us of our birthrights we have a right to know. If everyone in the World was honest, fair and only told the truth websites like this would not exist, nor would they need to exist. Unfortunately, as we all know, the world is not equitable, not all people are treated the same and not everyone is fair, honest and truthful. In some things that would not matter, in life and living they are very important.

As an example of questioning the official line, take for example the events unfolding in Syria, a news report from a few months ago suggested that President Assad had possibly ordered the massacre of a small village, maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, but unless you were there and heard him issue that order to his generals how can you possibly know for certain? Or where is the unadulterated footage of that order being given? Then there was the shooting down of the Turkish warplane (allegedly) by Syria, read the script of the originally top-secret “Operation Northwood” report and decide if that could have been a staged event, and Northwoods suggested what was possible in the early 1960’s. Incidentally Northwoods has possible implications regarding the events of 9/11.

Returning to 9/11 and the plane hitting the pentagon, many people who are experts in their fields (ballistics, warfare, aeronautics) have suggested that it could not possibly have been a plane that caused the damage witnessed, yet the official story insists it was a plane, if it could possibly have been a missile or a drone why not admit that as a possibly, they could still blame it on terrorists.

Bottom line here is that you can only know for certain, things you alone personally know as absolute truths. It seems awfully cynical that you can’t believe anything you are told, but in reality can you? If you trust every politician or banker or journalist then fine, but how many people actually do? Tony Blair and George Bush told us categorically that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that turned out to be a falsehood. Any WMD’s they once had were sold to them by the West so we knew exactly what inventory they once had, but no evidence has subsequently been shown.

Regarding climate change, if the absolute proof exists why don’t they show us the raw empirical data that shows the proof? Why won’t they openly debate it? If they are right why do they need to shut down debate and try to make denial a hate crime? Surely truth is truth and will withstand the rigor of debate, that is the essence of the scientific method. Being (effectively) ordered to believe something without proof is nothing more than indoctrination and dogma. Many people believe in the existence of God as an article of faith, his existence or otherwise as a scientific certainty is somewhat more difficult to establish. We are likewise told to believe in a theory of man-made climate change due to carbon dioxide as an article of faith, apparently we are not able to understand the proof and therefore we can’t see the raw data. One certainty is that CO2 is NOT a pollutant, without it life could not exist on earth.

So how about some things we can do right now

Close all accounts with the five major banks, and open accounts with a smaller, preferably ethical bank, for now we still need accounts, but deprive the big banks of their lifeblood

Wherever possible stop shopping at the major supermarkets and purchase as much as you can from local traders, farm shops, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, corner shops etc. Possible exception is Waitrose, but they are not cheap.

Not just food, wherever possible buy goods from local independent retailers.

At the moment, if you can, buy gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

Stop using credit cards if you can. Debit cards are okay. Get out of debt.

Eat organic and free range foods, even better grow your own.

Filter your tap water, buy water treatment tablets – just in case.

Take multivitamins, and consider supplementing vitamin C, D, magnesium and selenium.

Learn all you can about the subjects discussed on this website, read the books, watch the video’s and visit the websites. Download the documents.

Stop getting all of your news from the TV, radio and newspapers, find alternatives, consider what the mainstream news channels are NOT telling you.

Learn to look for the true story behind news items. Follow the money.

Cui Bono – Consider who benefits regarding events.

Stop watching soap operas and reality TV, learn things of real use.

Stop following fashion trends and glorifying celebrities, they are just people, like you, who just got lucky, some have no talent whatsoever.

Discuss the subjects on this website with family, friends and colleagues – just be aware you might get negative responses – understand what COGNITIVE DISSONANCE is. Don’t push it with people who don’t want to hear anything that might upset their cosy beliefs.

Don’t take anything you are told at face value, research it and find out for yourself, that includes everything on this site.


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