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Hall of Fame

Ron Paul (US Congressman/author) The revolution:A manifesto, End the Fed, Liberty defined, Meltdown, A foreign policy of freedom, pillars of prosperity

Bill Hicks (US Comedian – deceased)

George Carlin (US Comedian – deceased)

James Dellingpole (Author and columnist (The Spectator))

Christopher Booker (Author/Journalist (Sunday Telegraph)) Books: Scared to death, The reals global warming disaster, Climategate to Cancun, The great deception:Can the EU survive?, Castle of Lies:Why Britain must get out of Europe, The mad officials.

The Anti-Terrorist (Activist/Author) Standing under freedom, The AntiTerrorist Handbook,

John Harris (Carpenter, activist, author)

Brian Gerrish (Activist)

Veronica: Chapman (Activist, FMOTL, Author) Freedom is more than a seven letter word,

David Icke

Alex Jones (US syndicated radio host), Films (including) Police State 2000, II, III and IV, 911 The Road to tyranny, The masters of terror, Matrix of evil, Terrorstorm, Endgame, Fabled enemies, The 9/11 Chronicles, The Obama deception, Fall of the Republic, Invisible Empire.

Michael Moore (?) (US filmmaker, author, political commentator) Films (including) Bowling for Columbine, Canadian Bacon, Farenheit 9/11, Sicko, Slackers uprising, Capitalism: A Love story. Books: Downsize this!, Stupid White men, Dude, Where’s my Country

John Pilger (Investigative journalist/author/filmmaker) – Films: The war you don’t see, the war on democracy, In the name of justice, Behind the facades, Documentaries that changed the World (4 volumes) Books: New rulers of the world, Hidden agenda’s, Freedom next time, Tell me no lies, Distant lies, Heroes.

Jim Marrs (Author) Rule by secrecy, The rise of the fourth Reich, The trillion-dollar conspiracy, Alien agenda, Crossfire, Above top-secret, The terror conspiracy, PSI spies, The sisterhood of the rose.

Professor David Bellamy (Botanist, TV presenter) Sacked by the BBC for refusing to support the global warming/climate change agenda, because he didn’t believe it is happening

Charlie Sheen (US Actor/comedian) Spoken out publicly challenging official story of 9/11, now being demonised in media.

Edward G Griffin (US Author/economist) Creature from Jeckyll Island, A world without cancer, A lesson of ’76 to the men of ’56

Webster Griffin Tarpley

Jordan Maxwell

Michael C Ruppert

Michael Tsarion

Jesse Ventura – (US congressman/author) 63 documents the government does not want you to read, Don’t start the revolution without me, I ain’t got time to bleed, American conspiracies, Do I stand alone?, The secret team

Jeremy Clarkson

Rob Menard

Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Schiff

John Hamer (author) The Falsification of History

Richard Ebelling

Rand Paul (US Senator) Son of Ron Paul

Douglas Carswell

Dan Hamman (Conservative MEP)

Godfrey Bloom (UKIP MEP)

Ashley Mote (ex UKIP and Independent MEP)

Nigel Farage (UKIP MEP and party leader)

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