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This site is not a blog, although we have a blog.

This site is more a repository of information regarding what many would call “conspiracy theories”, although we dispute that assertion. We try to deal only in provable facts, or at the very least area’s in which the official story, or line being provided by the mainstream Media (MSM) raises more questions than it answers, or appear implausible when viewed objectively or logically. Assuming of course the reader even possesses the ability to question the official story – and many don’t! Some suggest as many as 85% of the population are incapable of rational thinking, so some 55 million people in the UK are potentially receiving their views and opinions from official sources. If those same official sources are not telling the whole truth, or worse, are deliberately lying, then the vast majority of the population is either ill-informed or deluded.

These people should not be blamed, for it would appear that is the intended outcome – a controlled and ill-informed population who won’t ask too many difficult questions. The Romans used a concept called Panem et Circenses (Bread and circuses), which basically means if you feed the populace and keep them entertained, you can control them, distract them and stop them asking awkward questions. We suggest that concept is in play in modern society right now, if you doubt that, just think about the power of the TV and media, soap opera’s, reality TV, game shows, Hollywood movies, sports and music events.

Also, everyone should understand the psychological condition called “Cognitive Dissonance” which basically means that people prefer to stay in their safe, known belief system, such as governments serve the people, and money is worth something. When people like us come along and try to explain that those beliefs may be flawed, or completely wrong, then those with the old entrenched belief system become upset, angry or aggressive in defence of that belief. This is understandable, after all, no-one wants to believe that the US government could intentionally assist and perpetrate the events of 9/11, and yet evidence does suggest that may be exactly what happened. Literally thousands of structural engineers, architects, demolition experts, pilots and others are now expressing serious doubts about the official explanations of what happened on that awful day – we don’t want to belive it. But we do want to know the whole truth, no matter what that may be, WE all have a right to know the truth, our governments should not be lying to us.

The objective of this site is to collate as much pertinent information together as possible, to give people a (sometimes detailed) overview of the subject matter, an understanding of the issues and an interest to find out more – or not. Very importantly, we are in no way attempting to offer any legal advice, medical advice or any other “professional” advice, anyone wishing to pursue any legal or medical avenue, should do extensive research for themselves and seek professional advice, just understand this may not be as impartial as you believe.

To access the information on this site, simply select required pages in the sidebar on this page, or from the home page.

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