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What is wrong?

No-one would believe we live in a utopia, but more and more are starting to believe something is seriously wrong, they may just be correct. Most people are basically good, honest, hard-working conscientious individuals who strive for a better life for themselves and their loved ones, and wish no ill will against anyone who does not bother them. Then there are a few, who are plain bad, who wish to harm others, cheat others, even kill others, for those we have laws and prisons, mental institutes and in some Countries a death penalty. Then there are a few more who are lazy, good for nothing scroungers, who are happy for others to provide for them and offer nothing in return, for those we have the welfare state and benefit culture – not all of course. Then there are others who are deserving of our benevolence, the elderly, orphans, the sick, the handicapped and the infirm.

Then there is a really, really small group (some say as few as 4,000 Worldwide) who believe themselves to be superior to the rest of us, their reasoning being that they have more money than us. The more money they have, the more power they wield and the more deluded they are of their superiority. If one thinks about it logically, money is such an arbitrary means of classifying people, some get rich because they are very good at what they do, for many it is purely their connections, their family or pure luck. Does anyone honestly believe George W Bush would have made US president if he had born into a very average American family, he certainly didn’t get to be the most powerful man on the planet for eight years because he was good at what he did. If your family have enough money you can attend the right schools and university, even if you are a complete imbecile.

This “elite” group obviously consider the rest of us inferior, regardless of how much money they have, they want more, because money means power, and they want power over everyone and everything. The bible said “the love of money is the root of all evil” and elsewhere was quoted “power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely”, they may both be right.

What we attempt to invoke in the following pages is an interest in people to look into some of the allegations and suggestions made about this group of “globalist elites”, prove us wrong or prove us right. We don’t want to tell you what to think, we just want to encourage you to think – for yourselves.

If we are right, then these people have an agenda to control absolutely every aspect of our lives, most of us are not involved, and for many (possibly billions) it may mean you are completely surplus to requirement – what they consider “useless eaters”.

Globalisation and global economies only work if you have global governance, sovereign nation states will not accept subjugation and control, unless it is allowed to creep up on them slowly – a bit like the EU you might say! Regardless of whether the EU is a good or a bad thing, if it has or had any pretensions of democracy it should have insisted that every member state have a fair national referendum, the people should have decided, not the politicians. For the globalists the EU is just the start.

Many people believe that almost every event that happens, is planned to happen (excluding natural disasters) and history offers plenty of examples to suggest that may be true. This follows the principle of the so-called Hegelian Dialectic, the process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, or event, reaction and outcome. To many people these events are refereed to as False Flag events, whereby Governments create a deliberate event, to obtain a particular outcome.

Benito Mussolini defined fascism as strictly speaking corporatism, control by corporations, and that would seem to be right. The rich own and/or control the corporations, the corporations control the world, but at this level of control there is virtually no distinction between fascism and socialism. When you realise that our country is a PLC and that every MP, political party, government department, police force, council and court are also corporations it becomes very difficult to argue that we are not run by corporations, and corporations exist to make profits. UK PLC company number is UC2279443 if anyone doubts this statement, and it is bankrupt since 1976.


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