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Do we live in a police state?

There are ten pointers to tell if the society you live in is a police state:
1. Internal and External threats are invoked (War on Terror, Al Qaeda)

2. Secret places where torture takes place – Rendition (Bellmarsh Prison?)

3. Appearance of paramilitary police forces, and/or troop deployment on streets (YES) see above.

4. Surveillance of ordinary citizens (1 CCTV camera for every 14 citizens)

5. Infiltration of Citizens groups (YES)

6. Detention and release of innocent citizens (YES?)

7. Key individuals are targeted (YES) David Icke, Nick Griffin, Nigel Farage

8. Restrict the free press and censorship (YES)

9. Recast criticism as espionage, and dissent as treason (Criticism of EU is xenophobia, criticism of immigration is racism)

10. Subversion of the rule of law (Freedom of speech, criticism of state, right to protest, habeas corpus)

People can make their own minds up about these points, we would suggest most are happening. In the UK we are way behind the USA as a police state. The militarisation of law enforcement agencies is well advanced in the US. Police departments in some area’s have armoured vehicles, SWAT teams, helicopters, drones, tanks and other items of military hardware.




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