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Within government there are public and private elements, and each element holds a different part of registration document legal title, and we are granted beneficiary title. Typically the public side is a government department and the private side is the civil service equivalent. Acceptance for value can be used to nullify registrations and licences, so for instance if you wanted to regain ownership of your car, you need to resolve the trust issue of the V5C document. You would send an A4V document to the secretary of state for transport (Patrick McLoughlin  – public) and a notice to the CEO of DVLA (Oliver Morley – private). Once accepted (cannot be declined lawfully) you would no longer be required to pay road tax or MOT, and your National Insurance would cover the insurance of you vehicle without further payment. No-one should feel guilty, certainly about MOT as it stands now you pay £40 for one days cover and you are responsible for the remaining 364, so why not save that money and be responsible for 365 days?

However, you still have a driving license and this can be used to enforce statutes on you, so to sort the trust on that you would issue a notice to the permanent secretary of the Home Office (Mark Sedwill – private) and an A4V to the Home Secretary (Theresa May – public). You would then return your driving license as it no longer required, but you would still be entitled to drive on the roads responsibly!

All you are doing here is asserting your god given (we live in a Judeo/Christian society) inalienable rights and taking back control of your life from a corporation that tricked you out of legal title in the first place. I agree it feels wrong to do the above, but we have been conditioned to think that, to make us compliant. If you have spent £50,000 on a brand new car and the DVLA have it crushed because you failed to pay road tax, which is not a lawful tax, is that right? If you settle the proposed liability with cash or cheque, you are actually paying a debt with a debt and are effectively increasing public debt every time we pay with (fiat) money. If you use Acceptance for Value to settle all proposed liabilities, this actually decreases public debt, balancing the double entry instead of extending debt to balance the books.

We cannot correct the wrongs in this country until we ALL start to realise and then assert our rights, only God is more powerful (in Law) and commerce, politicians, police etc. should all be serving us and protecting our rights.

Oliver Cromwell took action when the monarch exceeded his powers, all that has happened is that parliament is now doing exactly the same thing Charles I was doing, history repeating itself, power being usurped from the people. THEY know how much power we the people really have, we seem to have forgotten. It is time WE reminded them!

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