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Rights & Liberties

In the UK we have potentially thousands of rights, but until you declare and claim them you have none. Government cannot take your rights from you, you have to surrender them. You have to take positive action to wilfully surrender or waive any rights, freedoms or immunities. We have done this unknowingly and through deception, such as registration or licensing. One way of claiming your rights is through Notice of Understanding and Intent, Claim of Right (NOUICR), which should be served to people such as Home Secretary and heads of government departments.

In the UK we have something like 2.5 million laws (mostly statutes) and the number grows daily, every law and statute we have means less freedom, liberty or rights. If we had no laws we would have anarchy, what we have is tyranny, a police state if you like, we need something in between. We certainly need the common law we have, we also need statutes, but there are possibly 2.49 million we could do without.

When a police officer reads you your “rights” and you UNDERSTAND your rights to the officer, you have just unwittingly surrendered ALL of your rights excluding the ones read to you. You should instead declare that you wish to retain all of rights, when asked “do you understand your rights?” don’t answer “yes” or anything similarly affirmative.

Englishman’s Rights

Enshrined in Magna Carta, and supported fully in law to this day are the inalienable rights of an Englishman, the rights to: Due Process No crime without Intent Habeas Corpus No self-incrimination No ex post facto laws (laws applied retrospectively) The right to counsel The right to confront one’s accusers Duty of prosecutors to serve …

1950 ECHR

European Convention on Human Rights 1950 The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was established in 1950 to ensure that the powers the Nazi party in Germany seized over the public, would never be repeated. Signed by Winston Churchill it carried the following rights for all Preamble Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of …

Our Rights and Freedoms

In the UK we are supposed to have various guaranteed rights and freedoms: Freedom of Speech Right to Protest Right to Privacy Innocent until proven guilty No detention without charge (habeas corpus) Ban on torture As will be shown on the following pages, ALL of these fundamental human have either been removed or eroded. Freedom …

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