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UK PLC is Bankrupt

The UK has actually been bankrupt since 1869; evidenced by the “Bankruptcy Act of 1869” we are in fact in the equivalent to a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which is “Debtors in Possession”.

We also have the Amendment to the “Gold Standards Act 1925” better known as Bill 227 or 277, which dissolved the connection to gold in our currency as the bill was finally passed on the 21 of September 1931, hence why we now operate “Fiat Currency” which is backed by the tax or labour of the citizens, furthermore to back up the Bankruptcy claim is “double entry bookkeeping” which is just a claim and counterclaim balancing exercise.

We ARE in full bankruptcy, and so in bankruptcy the agreement is that all debt is to be forgiven, after all how do you pay anything if you are bankrupt?

Not to forgive debts is in full violation and dishonour of the bankruptcy we are currently under, and in this bankruptcy we operate a prepay account; this was done because you are “involuntary” in your bankruptcy status.

A commercial system such as this cannot deal in tangible equity, and so your prepay account was created, this is your “National Insurance Number” cleverly disguised as a means for them to charge you for nothing!

AFV or A4V (Accepted For Value) is a mechanism for choosing to use your prepay account to settle and close “Proposed Liability Statements” this is done when a bill/proposed liability statement is sent to you addressed to your legal appellation (straw man) by using either all caps or the “legal Title” Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms etc., as soon as you accept these you are in contract!

So to correctly pay these Bills/Statements that are all illusion you need to pay with a type of funding solution from the same system, you cannot pay with tangible equity, it has to be paid with the illusion that brought forth the bill in the first place. This process applies to any bill regardless of its source, so utility bills, council tax, tax demands; PCN’s anything that has a proposed liability. Notice it is a proposed liability, not an actual liability; they are accompanied with a payment slip to allow you to remedy the proposed liability. AFV’s or A4V’s can also be used to remove liabilities conferred by licenses and registration documents.

Acceptance for Value (AFV or A4V)

The Acceptance for value process should work because the UK PLC is a company in bankruptcy and because it continues to deliver proposed liabilities is in breach of the bankruptcy rules. We as a people are bankrupt, the money we believe we have is in fact ‘fiat’ money and has no intrinsic value, and it …

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