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Acceptance for Value (AFV or A4V)

The Acceptance for value process should work because the UK PLC is a company in bankruptcy and because it continues to deliver proposed liabilities is in breach of the bankruptcy rules. We as a people are bankrupt, the money we believe we have is in fact ‘fiat’ money and has no intrinsic value, and it is nothing more than debt. This has been the case since we came off the gold standard in 1925. The money we use is nothing more than an illusion, an interest bearing debt to International bankers. To use A4V write the following on the bill, as described below.





The exemption id is you NI number write this in red and your signature (which allocates the funds from your prepay account to settle this bill) must be in blue and the current date also in blue. This must be done at 45 degrees across the bill (Banker Style) usually lower side to the left and the upper side to the right, this effects the payment. All this does is balance your assets and liabilities on the double entry ledger (accounting).

The proposed liability is settled by your pre-pay account (based on your NI number), you didn’t know you had and balances their books. Red ink denotes the MAN, blue ink denotes the corporation, black denotes lost beyond the sea’s (maritime law).

All we are doing here is explaining the process, we are not recommending anyone does this, certainly it should not be entered into lightly, and anyone doing so needs to fully understand the process, their legal standing and understand that these corporations will not meekly accept these challenges.

This is their lifeblood and they have spent decades indoctrinating us and persuading us to accept these phoney rules. To truly understand the pecking order of society, there is God, then there is man, then there is commerce at the bottom. It is irrelevant whether you believe in God or not, what is important is that Man as a sentient living being is “always” above commerce, to wield that power one must be able to correctly assert that they are a man (or woman) and not a person or citizen.

Courts, judges, barristers and lawyers are almost powerless against a man/woman asserting his/her inalienable rights, within the law. A living sentient man or woman in a court is the most powerful person in that court unless/until they concede to represent the person/legal entity.

However, this is not easy, and the other side cheats, lies and bullies, and is perfectly happy to work outside the law and break the law with impunity.

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