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Brexit – Mission Accomplished (nearly)

Mission Accomplished

On June 23rd 2016 Britain voted to leave the EU.

A truly momentous day, one that will be remembered in history, the day the British once again defied tyranny.

The day the British public defied the threats of the elite, the political class, the masters of industry, the “expert” economists and the Central Bankers and said NO, we wish to leave.

If the campaigns, which were both very negative, had concentrated on hard facts and figures its likely the number voting to leave would have been much greater, but now it doesn’t matter.

This is not a time to gloat, its a time to be humble in victory, savour the moment, but then move on, forget our differences and work together to make this opportunity work for all of us in Britain.

We may have a tough few weeks, months, maybe even years ahead of us, but at least we are in the lifeboat now, not on the titanic.

We should also make special mention of Nigel Farage, love him or loath him, without him we might not have got this referendum. He could have stepped away from his fight to leave the EU and had a simpler life.

Thanks Nigel, we owe you a pint! You sir, deserve a knighthood at the very least. Lord Farage of Thurrock?

Instead they have given one to Nick Clegg, a man who clearly does not understand the meaning of the word Democracy!

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