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Law & Order


The Antiterrorist HandbookThe Antiterrorist

Standing Under FreedomThe Antiterrorist

Freedom is more than a seven-letter wordVeronica: of the Chapman family (Highly Recommended)

Blacks Law – Bryan A Garner

The dangerous man – Karen Sawyer

Human race get off your knees – David Icke

Invisible resistance to tyranny – Mack Jeffereson

They own it allRonald MacDonald

The trillion dollar conspiracyJim Marrs

Mass control – Jim Keith

The truth agenda – Andy Thomas

Todd & Wilson’s textbook on trusts – Sarah Wilson

Handbook for rebels and outlaws – Mark Mirabello

Commercial redemption – David E Robinson

The book: On the taboo of knowing who you are – Alan Watts

New penguin guide to the law – John Pritchard



Money & Economy


Web of Debt – E.H Brown

FleecedDavid Craig & Matthew Elliott

No more National Debt – Bill Still

Babylon’s Bankers – Joseph P Farrell

The Squeeze! – Tom Bower

Pillaged – David Craig

SquanderedDavid Craig

Plundering the public sector – David Craig

The great pensions robbery – Alex Brumer

The trouble with markets – Roger Bootle

50 people who buggered up Britain – Quentin Letts

The rotten state of BritainEammon Butler

Fools Gold – Gillian Tett

How markets fail – Cassidy John

Too big to fail – Andrew Ross Sortin

On the brink – Hank Paulson

This time is different – Carmen M. Reinhart

Creature from Jekyll Island – Edward G. Griffin

Whoops!John Lancaster

In Fed we trust – David Wessel

2 trillion dollar meltdown – Charles R. Morris

Panic! – Michael Lewis

They own it all including you!Ronald MacDonald

The trillion Dollar conspiracyJim Marrs

The Falsification of HistoryJohn Hamer




Corporatism – Jeffrey Grupp

The Great European Rip-off – David Craig & Matthew Elliott

The new rulers of the World – John Pilger

Captive State – George Monbiot

The trillion dollar conspiracy – Jim Marrs

Rise of the fourth Reich – Jim Marrs

Bilderberg Conspiracy – H. Paul Jeffers

The true story of the Bilderburg group – Daniel Estulin

Web of Deceit – Mark Curtis

Profits over people – Noam Chomsky

The silent takeover – Noreena Hertz

Hidden Agenda – John Pilger

The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein

Human race get off your knees – David Icke

Global Conspiracy – David Icke

Unpeople – Mark Curtis

Mass Control – Jim Keith

Failed States – Noam Chomsky

American Conspiracy – Jesse Ventura

The Revolution: A manifesto – Ron Paul

Globalisation of poverty and NWO – Michael Chossudovsky

Meltdown – Ron Paul

Hopes and Prospects – Noam Chomsky

The road to serfdom – F A Hayek

The servile state – Hilaire Belloc

Democracy: The God that failed – Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Plan – Douglas Carswell

Matrix of Power – Jordan Maxwell

Lies the government told you – Andrew Napolitano

Don’t start the revolution without me – Jesse Ventura

The alternative manifesto – Eamonn Butler

Secret history of the American empire – John Perkins

Brussels laid bare – Marta Andresen

Death of the West – Patrick J Buchanan

The poverty of multiculturalism – Patrick West

Red Tory – Philip Blond

Not with a bang but a whimper – Theodore Dalrymple

America alone – Mark Steyn

The Cameron delusion – Peter Hitchens

While Europe slept – Bruce Bawer

Living in the end times – Slavoj Zizek

The party system – Ron Paul

63 documents the (US) government doesn’t want you to see – Jesse Ventura

And the truth shall set you free – David Icke

The grip of death – Michael Rowbotham

Profits over people – Noam Chomsky

Hegemony or survival – America’s quest for global dominance – Noam Chomsky

The great deception: Can the EU survive – Christopher Booker, Richard North

Castle of Lies: Why Britain must get out of Europe – Christopher Booker, Richard North, Caroline Holden

Where the right went wrong – Patrick Buchanan

Liberal fascism – Jonah Goldberg

Deterring democracy – Noam Chomsky

Obama: The postmodern coup – Webster Griffin Tarpley

World turned upside down – Melanie Phillips

The broken compass – Peter Hitchens

The retreat of reason – Anthony Browne

The new thought police – Tammy Bruce

The assault on liberty – Dominic Raab

The abolition of liberty – Peter Hitchens

United in hate – Jamie Glazov

Surrender – Bruce Bawer

How to be right – James Delingpole

The triumph of the political class – Peter Osborne

Whats left? – Nick Cohen

Arguing with idiots – Glenn Beck

365 ways to drive a liberal crazy – James Delingpole

Political philosophy – Roger Scruton

Europe and the Vichy Syndome – Theodore Dalrymple

Waiting for the Etonians – Nick Cohen

The vision of the anointed – Thomas Sowell

Bad Laws – Philip Johnston

Basic economics 4th edition – Thomas Sowell

The spirit level delusion – Christopher John Snowdon

The silent state – Heather Brooke

Icarus fallen – Virgil P Nemoianu

New road to serfdom – Daniel Hannan

Chasing rainbows – Tim Worstall

The true believer – Eric Hoffer

Unlearned lessons of the 20th century – Chantal Delsol

Liberty and tyranny – Mark R. Levin

The clash of civilizations – Samuel P Huntington

Capitalism and Freedom – Milton Friedman

Cruel Britannia – Nick Cohen

The Falsification of HistoryJohn Hamer




The real global warming disasterChristopher Booker

Air Con Ian Wishart

Climategate to Cancun – Christopher Booker, Richard North

Energy and climate wars – Peter C. Glover

Climate: The counter consensus – Professor Robert Carter

Climate: The great deception – Christai Geroneau

The hockey stick illusion – A W Moncton

An appeal to reason – Nigel Lawson

Climate Wars – Gwynne Dyer

The Falsification of HistoryJohn Hamer


 Energy & Peak Oil


Confronting collapseMichael C Ruppert

The End of GrowthRichard Heinberg

The last oil shock – David Strahan

Blackout: Coal, climate and the last energy crisis – Richard Heinberg

Beyond oil – Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller – Jeff Rubin

Crossing the Rubicon – Michael C Ruppert

Beyond the limits – Donella H Meadows

Long Descent – John Michael Greer

A presidential energy policy – Michael C Ruppert

Blackout – Richard Heinberg

Party’s Over – Richard Heinberg

Ecotechnic Future – John Michael Greer

Twilight in the descent – Matthew R Simmons

Reinventing collapse – Dmitry Orlov

Peak everything – Richard Heinberg

Beyond Oil – Kenneth S Deffeyes

Peak oil survival – Aric McBay

The end of oil – Paul Roberts

The Long emergency – James Howard Kunstler

A crude awakening – Basil Kelpke

The limits to growth – DH Meadows

Endgame volume 1 and 2 – Derrick Jensen

When all Hell breaks loose – Cody Lubin

When oil peaks – Kenneth S Deffeyes

Impending world energy mess – RJ Schlesinger

How to survive the end of the world as we know it – James Wesley Rawles

Running on emptiness – John Zerzan

Out of gas – Daniel Goodstein

Times up! – Keith Farnish

Freefall – Joseph Stiglitz

Crude World – Peter Maass



 Health, Nutrition & Eugenics


What doctors don’t tell youLynne McTaggert

Whats really in your basket Bill Statham

Confessions of a medical heretic – Robert Mendelsohn

Chemotherapy cures cancer and the World is flat – Lothar Hiernase

Truth about drug companiesMarcia Angell

Truth about vaccinesRichard Halverson

Not on the label – Felicity Lawrence

The medical mafia – Guylaine Lanctot

The great cholesterol conMalcolm Kendrick

Cancer: The problem and the solution – Johanna Budwig

Seeds of destruction – William Engdahl

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors who cure cancer – Julian Whitaker

Excitotoxins – Russel L Blaylock

A World without cancer: B17 – G Edward Griffin

Big Pharma – Jacky Law

What your doctor may not tell you about childrens vaccinations – Stephanie Cave

Medicalization of Society – Peter Conrad

Selling Sickness – Ray Moynihan

On the take – Jerome P Kassiner

Death by prescription – Ray D Strand

Myth of chemical cure – Joanna Moncrieff

Natural cures they don’t want you to know about – Kevin Trudeau

Hundred year lie – Randall Fitzgerald

Eugenics and other Evils – GK Chesterton

The Nazi connections – Stefan Kuhl

From Darwin to Hitler – Richard Weikart

Eugenics & the welfare state – Gunnar Broberg

War against the weak – Edwin Black

Modernism and Eugenics – Marius Turda

Oxford handbook of history of Eugenics – Alison Bashford

The Falsification of HistoryJohn Hamer

The Healing HerbsMichael Castleman


Media & Propoganda


Media Control – Noam Chomsky

PropagandaEdward Bernays

Manufacturing ConsentNoam Chomsky, Edward S. Herman




 Secret Societies, Consciousness & Esoteric Knowledge


Illuminati – The Cult that Hijacked the WorldHenry Makow

Illuminati 2 – Deceit and SeductionHenry Makow

The Symbolism of FreemasonryAlbert G. Mackey

Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – Albert Pike

Freemasons Secrets – The True Descendants of the Knights Templar – Bernard Kliemann

Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calender and the Return of the ExtraterrestrialsErich von Daniken

Worldwide Evil and Misery – The Legacy of the 13 Satanic BloodlinesFritz Springmeier

The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations: The Source Field InvestigationsDavid Wilcock

2012 and the Rise of the Secret SectBob Thiel

Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men – Joseph P Farrell

The Hidden History of the Human Race – Michael A Cremo

Forbidden History: Extraterrestrial Intervention, Prehistoric Technologies and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization – J Douglas Kenyon

Human Race get of your knees – David Icke

The Giza Power Plant – Christopher Dunn

The Secret Teachings of All AgesManley P Hall

The Synchronicity Key – David Wilcox

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