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Direct Democracy

Truly (participatory) Democratic government

Government (national and local)

 Operate on the guiding principle that the more government we have, the more it will cost, mainly through taxation, as borrowing by government will be illegal and unlawful. Every service government provides must be funded somehow, every public sector employee and their benefits must be funded via taxation.
The ideal would be a form of anarcho-capitalism in which we have NO government and everything is provided via a competitive truly free market. In reality some services may not be realistically feasible through such a system, although theoretically possible. The true role of a “government” should be to protect the rights and freedoms of the people, uphold common law and protect the populace from internal and external threats. So, we possibly need a police force (to uphold common law only), a justice system to prosecute criminals and armed forces to protect our borders and deter invasion. National and local government may not be required at all, but that does not imply anarchy. Communities can elect talented people from within themselves to represent their views, wants and needs. This would be bottom up (grass roots) governance, not top down dictatorship.

Suspend ALL non-essential QUANGO’s (which is probably all of them) and assess use and value. Remove all chief executives and chairpersons. If the QUANGO is retained, the executives could be re-instated but no public employee can earn more than the 80% of PM (£200,000 per annum) and all benefits and expenses would be assessed, those refusing would be sacked with loss of benefits.  All earnings would be fully transparent and publicly available (FOI), as well as all costs of QUANGO. Additionally executives would be fully accountable for their actions and performance of their organisation.

Leave EU immediately and re-negotiate trade agreement with EU or individual member states. Cancel/repeal all EU regulations, directives and statutes. Re-affirm UK primacy in all laws, move away from corpus juris to operate innocent until proven guilty, right to trial by jury, habeas corpus. Repeal Human Rights Act and leave European Convention on Human Rights and return to 1950’s convention on human rights until new legislation created.

Suspend all statutes and acts to be assessed, revert to common law jurisdiction only,  for citizens. Corporations can still operate under equity/civil law but only with other corporations, not humans.

Re-instate laws of sedition and treason (into common law) and draw up retrospective prosecutions.

Sever all links making a human being a corporate entity (strawman) with full disclosure of how this has been used historically. De-register anything registered and revert to recorded with full disclosure of terms and conditions of doing so. Anyone signing the social charter will be contracting knowingly and willingly (no coercion or deception) with a governing body or corporate entity in a bilateral binding (to both parties) contract.

Create a new UK corporate entity and transfer all national debts to the old UK PLC and/or its current directors. Persons then able to opt-in or opt-out of contracts with this new UK Corporation with their own managed corporate entity (strawman) for products and services from government with full disclosure and transparency, terms and conditions. Anything not declared or disclosed renders contract void. This could bind people into statute (civil) law and make them subject to prosecution for a breach, but only through transparency and full disclosure. The recording of ownership of a vehicle does not alter the ownership (to DVLA), recording a right to vote only confers eligibility to vote, recording the birth of a child only enables the state to confer rights and documentation for the child – eligibility for education, healthcare, annual dividend etc. A driving license becomes a proof of competence and nothing more. Drivers would become responsible for driving safely, with consideration for other drivers and for upkeep of their vehicles existing rules regarding commerce on the road would apply. Speed signs would become advisory in most places, and traffic lights, junctions and roundabouts (etc.) would be ignored at your common law peril. Speed cameras would be scrapped in all except special designated area’s (schools in school times, accident black spots) and all speed traps would be outlawed.

Cancel International debt to IMF or defer to OLD UK PLC.

The following may represent a temporary transitional stage

Government (cabinet ministers) to consist of elected subject matter experts (SME) in their field of expertise (meritocratic) – these people cannot also be MPs or hold jobs which could create a conflict of interest. Ministers elected to represent their constituencies and can be de-selected (sacked) at any time by their constituency, or re-called. Elections by proportional representation (PR) and PM selected from largest single party to act as figurehead and spokesman. Policies effectively set by-election of cabinet ministers (SMEs).

MP’s become their constituencies representatives in parliament, not members of the government.

Either remove all Scotland (59), Wales (40) and NI (18) constituencies from Westminster, or alternatively close down their parliaments. Would leave 502 English Westminster MP’s which should be further reduced to 400.

Reduce House of Lords from 775 to 300, 80% elected from the Shires and Cities via Proportional Representation (PR), remainder selected as SME’s. Scotland, Wales and NI can be represented unless they have their own 2nd house. House of Lords has power to stop bills passed by Parliament if unlawful or unconstitutional that would be their duty.

Subject to a defined figure, any policy can become subject to a national referendum based on internet voting. If say 5 million people requested a referendum on a death penalty the referendum would be granted. Similarly any minister or politician can be removed by popular consent. Referendum could be internet and call centre based on defined dates. Vote could also elect that vote can be put to MPs instead of referendum and results made publicly available as to how each MP voted. Remove the power of party whips to force MPs to vote in a certain way.

Each government department to set up a forum whereby the public can contribute to the activities of that department, certain members could establish polls to be voted upon, some of which could even influence policy, such as compelling the minister to create a referendum. Most departments over time will reduce in size until they cease to exist and/or merge with other departments. We need education but we don’t need a department of education, we need healthcare (public and/or private) but we don’t need a department of health, we need a military but we don’t need a ministry of defence.

MP’s to have their own website that transparently shows their entire itemised parliamentary expenses, their voting history on bills, their external business interests (directorships etc.), membership of any committee’s, QUANGOs or think tanks (or similar), attendance record (parliament and constituency), any funding or gifts, etc. Would not have to show their personal earnings, only their public earnings and private commercial interests, this would stop an MP who is a director of a pharmaceutical company serving on a drugs or health advisory board for instance.

Any new bill before parliament must be submitted 3 months prior to voting, must be publicly viewable online (with forum) for the duration and at least 85% of MPs must vote on it. Statutory instruments cannot be added to a bill unless they meet the same criteria. Provision can be made for emergency legislation but they must be for the common good or for real security threats or similar. A committee of professional lawyers, barristers and judges must be available to answer legal questions relating to the acts. Any previous statute must undergo the same process to be considered as still required, otherwise they will be struck off (sunset clause). Every new bill also subject to a defined sunset clause, usually 1 year unless positively re-affirmed.

Devolve more power and decision-making to county and parish councils, allow citizens to create and run community groups and incentivise.

Government exists to serve the people; the people are the power, not MPs, not civil servants, not the police, not the courts, not QUANGO’s, not any public body. The people decide how they wish to be served, they authorise certain people to operate and fulfil those duties. Full disclosure, absolute transparency and accountability must exist. Anyone breaking the rules of their public service would be sacked with no compensation, lose all pension rights and face prosecution.

Independent body set up to recommend, impose and supervise all remuneration for MPs, civil servants, councillors, members of QUANGOs etc.


The NHS is a very good and noble idea in principle but is clearly unworkable in practise, it costs too much, is inefficient in many area’s and suffers from too much waste in many area’s. It is no longer fit for purpose, at least in its current form. Tinkering on the edges will make no …


Education available for all from age 5 to age 16, but not compulsory in government-provided educational establishments. We must acknowledge that not all children are academically gifted or capable. Compulsory state schooling attempts to create a one size fits all educational system, which for many children is not appropriate. The whole system is deeply flawed as …


Speed limits revert to being advisory except in very specific areas, such as school crossings, accident black spots and dangerous sections of roads. Ban all speed camera’s and certainly all speed traps except those at school crossings (within school times – i.e. 08:00 to 17:00 Mon – Fri within term times), designated accident black spots …

Defense & Foreign Policy

Withdraw all troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else they are deployed where there is conflict which does not directly affect Britain. Adopt a non-aggressive, non-interventionary policy independent of the will and wishes of the USA. Internationally, aim to be a trusted and powerful friend, but a dangerous and deadly foe. Change focus of armed …

Law & Order

Reintroduce the death penalty, subject to a national referendum for 1st degree murder, dangerous paedophiles and terrorists/traitors. Restore the traditional role of the constabulary, to act as police men and women and to follow their oath of office – to serve and protect the public and uphold the common law. Remove their role as corporate …

Energy & Environment

Commission ten new fast-breeder nuclear power stations to be brought online as soon as possible. Investigate feasibility of Thorium reactors and fusion reactors. Put all Climate Change and Carbon legislation on hold and instigate a grown up discussion and debate on mankind’s impact on the environment. If science can prove mankind is causing climate effects …

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