Return to Direct Democracy

Defense & Foreign Policy

Withdraw all troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else they are deployed where there is conflict which does not directly affect Britain. Adopt a non-aggressive, non-interventionary policy independent of the will and wishes of the USA. Internationally, aim to be a trusted and powerful friend, but a dangerous and deadly foe.

Change focus of armed forces to defence of UK borders and our protectorates and dependencies, with counter-attack and rapid response capability if needed. Would require massive investment in Navy and Air Force particularly as well as missile defence systems, early warning systems (AWAC etc.). Invest in personal protection for army including body armour and more effective armoured vehicles, as well as state of the art weapon and communications systems.

Consider scrapping nuclear deterrent but not as a totally unilateral action.

Consider selling our aircraft carriers once commissioned, these are now considered less effective systems, inviting attack and destruction, we don’t have sufficient fleet capabilities to sufficiently protect them, unlike the US battlegroups.

Consider our place in NATO and withdraw if necessary, if NATO is not offering what people think it is offering.

Withdraw from EU military commitments, but enter alliances with other European countries for mutual defence.

Maintain alliance with US but stop following them into any conflict they decide upon, we could support them if they are attacked but not join forces to attack say Syria or Iran unless we had very compelling reasons to do so. We should not attack anyone who does not threaten or attack us and diplomacy should always be the preferred action, and military intervention the absolute last resort.

Ban the use of DU shells, personal landmines, white phosphorous, cluster bombs, chemical and biological weapons from our military arsenal, and push for an international moratorium on their use. Cluster bombs could be retained but never for use against civilian targets.

Adopt a foreign policy that prefers peace, reconciliation, tolerance and understanding.

We should be a world superpower but only in our ability to defend ourselves and should never be aggressors nor try to impose our will, or our current joke democracy on other nations. We should be a strong and staunch friend, but a deadly enemy.

All anti-terror laws should be abolished (too draconian), sedition and treason with the death penalty are sufficient. Anyone planning a terrorist attack on UK soil would be guilty of sedition, anyone attempting an attack of treason. They should both carry the possibility of the death sentence.

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