Return to Direct Democracy

Energy & Environment

Commission ten new fast-breeder nuclear power stations to be brought online as soon as possible.

Investigate feasibility of Thorium reactors and fusion reactors.

Put all Climate Change and Carbon legislation on hold and instigate a grown up discussion and debate on mankind’s impact on the environment. If science can prove mankind is causing climate effects then apply appropriate policies to move away from fossil fuel based vehicles and power production.

Investigate and develop free-energy systems and similar ‘alternative’ energy sources.

Stop all building of wind farms and assess all those already built. Without government handouts and feed-in tariffs are they feasible? What is their impact on the grid? If they fail the cost/benefit challenge decommission them, demolish them and return the sites to former environment.

As mentioned in the lead article, invest heavily in end-user energy systems such as air-to-air, air-to-water and ground source pump systems. Develop energy storage systems to store energy generated from solar. Encourage households and companies to install water reclamation systems and water harvesting systems.

Introduce polluter pays legislation to penalise companies and individuals who cause pollution to land, water or air. Shut down persistent offenders and prosecute executives and individuals.

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