Return to Direct Democracy

Law & Order

Reintroduce the death penalty, subject to a national referendum for 1st degree murder, dangerous paedophiles and terrorists/traitors.

Restore the traditional role of the constabulary, to act as police men and women and to follow their oath of office – to serve and protect the public and uphold the common law. Remove their role as corporate policy enforcers.

Remove all the bureaucracy that ties officers to their desks and get them out on the streets, on foot patrols, on bikes and in cars, as trusted members of their local community.

If a person knowingly enters another person’s property without permission they waive all rights to protection. Householders have the right to protect themselves, their family and their property in whatever way necessary within reason. Unreasonableness would have to be proven, rather than reasonableness having to be proven as exists. Killing obviously should only be in self defence. If you knock someone unconscious with a baseball bat, you should not then beat them to death, you could however restrain them (with tie wraps or whatever) and then demand police attend and arrest the intruder who would have no rights against the homeowner.

The law exists to prosecute criminals and to protect victims and the innocent, abolishing existing human rights legislation would re-establish this situation.

No-one should go to prison for a victimless crime, unless they become persistent antisocial offenders.

Any common law offence can carry a prison sentence following a trial by jury, this includes any kind of theft (including fraud), breach of the peace and violence against a person or their property. Fighting or smashing up a bus shelter after drinking is a breach of the peace. Sedition and treason should be added to common law.

Travellers and gypsy communities may have their alternative lifestyles and may be FMOTL but they are still subject to common law, theft is theft.

We should reintroduce the maxim that anyone is free to do pretty much anything they choose as long as it does not breach common law, with the possible exception of breaching community norms. Obviously common law applies to absolutely everyone, but certain behaviours may not be acceptable within a community. It may not be a common law offence to drive a car round an estate at ridiculous speeds, but it is not acceptable social behaviour, so can be punished with the will of the majority.

The role of non-elected Chief Constables should be abolished, along with their pointless QUANGO Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). Instead we should adopt something like the US Sheriff system, whereby senior officers stand for election based on their local based policies. If they faced deselection at any time (via a referendum) and regular elections this could be a very successful post.

We should also consider an equivalent of the Marshal’s office, people who police the police and work for the justice department and not the home office.

Likewise we could possibly have an equivalent service to the FBI.

Criminals should serve the sentence they are given which should be appropriate for their crime, and that should only be for “good behaviour” if they cause trouble or commit further crimes in prison their terms should be extended with no parole.

Non-citizen criminals should be deported to their home country to serve their sentences, if being sent back to their home countries bothers them, maybe they should not commit the crime.

All prisons should be made much more basic, a prisoner’s cell should be a bed, a toilet and a sink and not much else. Prisons should be places you do not want to return to, making them comfortable hardly achieves that objective, absolutely no carpets, or curtains or radio’s or TV’s, maybe a desk to read or write at. Prisoners should be encouraged to better themselves, to get off drugs and prepared for lives without crime. A prison is not a correctional facility if all it creates is hardened criminals. If they smash up their cells they don’t get moved or repaired until they make up in some way for their actions.

Also prisoners, especially long term prisoners should be forced to perform hard labour or a service that helps society, make them give back something.

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