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Social Charter

A social charter between each individual (16+) and the government (or its free market replacement), to establish rights and responsibilities of both parties. Each individual has a right to privileges as long as they conform to certain social norms, failure to comply results in the removal of certain rights and privileges. This would replace systems such as ASBO’s and other anti-social measures.

Following substantiated complaints by neighbours (for instance) individuals would be warned about their behaviour up to 3 times. Failure to comply means their privileges would be suspended for 3 months, unless they correct their behaviour, this would increase to six months, then one year, unless and until they comply. This would include their right to their dividend. They would also be totally responsible for their children’s behaviour (under 16), if they are unable to prevent their children’s behaviour and at their request, the state could step in to help, otherwise they would be held responsible. Similarly speeding would not be a criminal offence, but it could be made punishable through the same mechanism if it becomes a menace. It would be an attempt to make society self-regulating to compel people to conform to certain social norms, failure to comply results in warnings and then punitive measures to force compliance and not the heavy hand of the police and social services, except only as a final resort.

Of course no-one would be above the primacy of common law and would be punished according to a properly convened jury system. Persistent minor offenders would similarly be in breach of their social charter and would be treated as above, when prison is not seen as appropriate, rather than applying fines which will never get paid.

The social charter would not be compulsory for any existing citizen, but those not signing would have to pay directly for privileges which could be free to those signing.

The intention of the charter would be to increase and enforce rights and privileges of the individual, but make them responsible for their actions and to act for the greater good of the wider community and society. There would be local and national elements to the charter.

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