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Feb 19

Today’s News 19th February 2018

The US Is Executing A Global War Plan Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Washington is moving inevitably on a global war plan. That’s the grim conclusion one has to draw from three unfolding war scenarios. Ultimately, it’s about American imperialism trying to assert hegemony over the international order for the benefit …

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Feb 18

Today’s News 18th February 2018

Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed? Authored by The Saker, Events in Syria have recently clearly taken a turn for the worse and there is an increasing amount of evidence that the Russian task force in Syria is being targeted by a systematic campaign of “harassing attacks”. First, there was …

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Feb 17

Today’s News 17th February 2018

Falsehoods And Lies: Inciting War Is A War Crime Via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed. This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries. There were also crass claims by US officials that …

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Feb 16

Today’s News 16th February 2018

Solar Storm Will Strike Earth Tonight, "Weak Power Grid Fluctuations" Possible Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center forecasts an aurora could light up the sky above areas in the United State including Michigan and Maine.  A solar storm, which occurred Monday, is expected to strike Earth tonight. On Monday, the sun spit …

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Feb 15

Today’s News 15th February 2018

Paul Craig Robert Asks "Do Financial Markets Still Exist?" Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, For many decades the Federal Reserve has rigged the bond market by its purchases. And for about a century, central banks have set interest rates (mainly to stabilize their currency’s exchange rate) with collateral effects on securities prices. It appears that …

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Feb 14

Today’s News 14th February 2018

Apple Shipped More Watches Than Switzerland In Q4 2017 Despite the fact that the Apple Watch is consistently playing second (or third) fiddle to the iPhone in terms of public attention, the evidence suggesting that Apple has yet another hit product on its hands is piling up. According to estimates by market research firm Canalys, the Apple Watch had its …

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Feb 13

Today’s News 13th February 2018

It's Officially Now Illegal To Accuse Poland Of Complicity In Nazi War Crimes Authored by Geneviève Zubrzycki via TheConversation.com, On Jan. 26, the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Polish parliament voted in favor of a bill making it illegal to accuse Poland of complicity in Nazi crimes. ‘Anti-Semitism is treatable’ – a banner …

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Feb 12

Today’s News 12th February 2018

Intel's New "Smart Glasses" Shoot Laser Beam Directly Into Your Retina For anyone who wanted a pair of Google glasses but didn’t want to look like a lazy Borg cosplay, Intel may have just what you need. Just one catch; you have to be OK with a laser firing photons directly into your retina.  Consummate techie and Executive Editor …

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Feb 11

Today’s News 11th February 2018

Pentagon's Nuclear Doctrine – Retrograde and Reckless Via The Strategic Culture Foundation, In its latest Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), the American Pentagon declares at one point in the document that the Cold War is long over. Apart from that fleeting mention, however, one would think from reading the entire review that the Cold War, for …

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Feb 10

Today’s News 10th February 2018

Trump Blocks Democratic Counter-Memo Over "National Security Concerns" President Trump declined to release the Democrat rebuttal to a GOP-authored “FISA memo,” following the advice of the Department of Justice and the Director of National Intelligence, the White House announced. President Trump is “inclined to declassify” the Democratic memo, however there are several sections which would create “especially …

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