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May 22

Today’s News 22nd May 2017

North Korea's Latest Missile Test Brings Us One Step Closer To WWIII (Here's How We Got Here) As time goes on, North Korea’s nuclear program is making war with the United States more and more likely. As's Daniel Lang details, we’re on a terrible path that no one knows how to escape from. On …

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May 21

Today’s News 21st May 2017

Trump Inks Largest Arms Deal in U.S. History with Country He Said Funded ISIS There was a lot of pomp and circumstance upon Trump’s arrival in Saudi Arabia. It’s important to note, after 8 years of Iranian friendly Obama, the Saudis have strong motives to curry the favor of the new American President. The visit …

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May 20

Today’s News 20th May 2017

Friday Night "Intelligence Community" Leak: Russia Bragged About Flynn Connections in Private This has now reached TMZ styled gossip. Now the ‘intelligence community’, aka the CIA, are leaking private conversations between unnamed Russian officials who bragged about how they could influence Trump via Flynn? Who actually believes this malarkey? Let’s think this through for a …

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May 19

Today’s News 19th May 2017

AND NoW FoR IMPoRTaNT MeSSaGE FRoM THe DeeP STaTe… // Venezuela: Forty Years Of Economic Decline, Part 1 Authored by Jose Nino via The Mises Institute, Venezuela Before Chavez: A Prelude To Soclialist Failure Venezuela’s current economic catastrophe is well documented. Conventional narratives point to Hugo Chávez’s regime as the primary architect behind Venezuela’s economic …

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May 18

Today’s News 18th May 2017

World Money: Five Hidden Signals From The IMF Authored by Craig Wilson via The Daily Reckoning blog, Less than a month ago a handful of the world’s policy makers gathered in Washington at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), no surprising headlines were run – but an obscure meeting and a discreet report launched exclusive signals …

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May 17

Today’s News 17th May 2017

Turkish-American Relations At Crossroads Authored by M.K.Bhadrakumar via The Strategic Culture Foundation, When President Donald Trump received President Recep Erdogan on Tuesday at the White House, his legendary deal-making prowess was be on trial. Trump has not been in a tearing hurry to receive Erdogan. During the first 100 days of his presidency, Trump received …

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May 16

Today’s News 16th May 2017

The World According To Trump The following map, from BofaML's Transforming World Atlas, shows the world mapped proportionally by country according to the number of times mentioned  by President Trump in his tweets and speeches (campaign and presidency)… Source: BofAML The Top 8 are: USA, China, Syria, Russia, Iraq, Mexico, Iran, and United Kingdom Is …

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May 15

Today’s News 15th May 2017

Major Developments Strongly Suggest The End Of Unipolar World Order Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation, With Moon Jae-In’s victory in South Korea, the period of tension on the Korean Peninsula is likely to end. With the rise to power of the new president, South Korea can expect a sharp decline in hostilities …

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May 14

Today’s News 14th May 2017

Paul Craig Roberts Rages "Are You Ready To Die?" Authored by Paul Criag Roberts, “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” Vladimir Putin In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel, 1984, information that no longer is consistent with Big Brother’s explanations is chucked …

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May 13

Today’s News 13th May 2017

Top NSA Whistleblower: Ransomware Hack Caused by “Swindle of the Taxpayers” by Intelligence Agencies What should we make of the global ransomware attacks which happened today? We’ve documented that the intelligence services intentionally create digital vulnerabilities, then intentionally leave them open … leaving us exposed and insecure. Washington’s Blog asked the highest level NSA whistleblower …

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