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On 29th March 2017 the British government invoked article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and began Britain’s exit from the EU, a day many thought we would never see. There is a long way to go, and those of an undemocratic persuasion will do all they can to  sabotage the process, but we now appear to be heading in the direction the majority of the people wish to travel. We may be the first, but we may not be the last as the hubris and arrogance of the Brussels bureaucratic elite causes the EU to implode upon itself.

Despite our fears (of a Clinton victory), Donald J Trump has become the 45th President of the United States and on the whole he appears to be following through on his campaign promises, something totally alien to almost everyone living – a politician who keeps his word, well who would have believed it possible? He is mostly delivering those promises despite the efforts of the Democrats and the left, almost the entire Mainstream Media (MSM), many within the Republican party hierarchy, crazed Liberals, SJW’s, elements within the CIA and other US intelligence services, illegal immigrants, University students and lecturers, a host of jumped up “celebs” from the music industry and Hollywood, and quite possibly some in his own administration. Basically anyone not classified as a “deplorable” or a Russian agent.

Such is the level of resistance (to the will of the people) that at some point Trump may have to do something similar to Erdogan in Turkey, a mass of arrests, root and branch on all those who incite violence, enact acts of insurrection, sedition and treason, as well as those involved in the Pizzagate controversy and other forms of pedophilia.

Gone are the TTIP and the very worst aspects of Obamacare, the wall has been ordered and but for a bunch of judges defying the rule of law there would be sensible controls in place regarding who may and who may not enter the USA. To call it a Muslim ban is risible, it only affects at most 13% of populations of Muslim countries that may pose a threat to US security, as a result of policies pursued not by Trump but by his predecessors Obama and Bush.

Brexit is not done until Brexit is done, or as looks more possible the EU implodes. The UK House of Lords is trying to undermine the Referendum decision, most it appears cannot accept the result and want to use their unelected positions to undermine the result, and democracy be damned. Sure they should have the right to review and debate, but the referendum has happened and the outcome was very obvious and beyond doubt. The calls to abolish the Lords is credible when those in the Lords, who were never elected (aka EU Commissioners) fail to uphold the principle of democracy.

Maybe all MPs who feel unable to accept the will of the electorate should put themselves up for re-election!! Or better still just resign, this is particularly true of arch EU supporter Ken Clarke – just go Ken, you lost, get over it! Following his vote against the initiating of article 50, the only Conservative MP to do so, he should be expelled from the party, and if he wants stand as an Independent or more fittingly a Liberal Democrat (they are neither) in his constituency – maybe he would win!

Both Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Marine Le Pen (France) made significant gains in those countries elections this year and AfD in Germany came third overall and gained their first seats in the German parliament. It appears that as of now (January 2018) Angela Merkel is still unable to form a functional coalition and her authority is severely diminished.

Blair should be locked up or better still exiled from the Country following his attempts to “overturn” the result of the referendum, which he promised often and never delivered.

Trump outlined his plans for his first 100 days in office, which was (unsurprisingly) incorrectly and blatantly misreported by the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation). The actual content of the script is available on our site here.


So, what exactly is happening in the world right now, we offer our suggestions here.

Trump has said he will “drain the swamp” and we hope he does, but its more like a sewer, a vast seething open sewer. We should soon see the contents of a potentially damning memo, which could start criminals investigations against the Clinton’s, the DNC and corrupt individuals within the FBI and DoJ among others. Also the FBI have opened an investigation into the swamp that is the Clinton Foundation, as well as Fusion GPS and others.

The three greatest threats to the Trump Presidency are:

  • Attempts on his life
  • Impeachment in office
  • Collapse of the Economy during his Presidency by the Deep State

Lets be clear about one thing, those people upset at Trumps election victory have every right to protest, it is their first amendment right under the Bill of Rights, even if many of those protesting would deny those same rights to their opponents. Funny how those shouting the loudest for tolerance and free speech are the most intolerant, and don’t wish anyone that disagrees with them the same consideration.

They do not, however, have the right to commit violence against people or property, nor do they have the right to incite murder on Social Media or placards. Whatever they think of Trump, he is the legitimate  US President and threats against his person should be taken very seriously and those making these threats should be arrested, even if the threats are not meant seriously – and the same would have applied if Hillary Clinton had won.

People can hold whatever views they like about anyone, but if they go public with those opinions there could be consequences.  Many so-called Progressives, Liberals and SJW’s (those delicate snowflakes) appear to have a rather strange notion of what Democracy means, even (possibly especially) those in the “Democratic” Party.

One oddity of the protests is protesters with Mexican flags and placards saying “Trump, not my President”. Now Trump may have said some fairly outrageous things, but we don’t recall him ever suggesting he would be the Mexican President, those protesters are correct, he’s not their President, that would be Enrique Pena Nieto, and Trump is almost certainly not eligible for that job! Also, any British citizen can confidently claim he is not our President, Same applies to Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, China or anywhere else! However, if you identify as a US Citizen (with or without dual nationality) or a citizen of any US territory, like it or not he IS your President.

Elsewhere on this site (here) we will be offering further suggestions on what a Trump administration could aim to achieve.

Are we seeing a shift in awareness? Are people moving away from supporting the status quo (aka deep state, global elite, establishment, shadow government)?

Britain voting to leave the EU is a possible sign of rejection of the status quo, election of Donald Trump  in the US Presidential election appears to be another. Matteo Renzi’s defeat in the Italian referendeum another. Now we also have the Catalonia independence referendum and the Spanish state response with totally unjustified police brutality.

In the various responses to the actions of Trump we are slowly but surely seeing who the enemies of freedom and liberty are, in their gnashing and wailing they are showing themselves and their true nature.

Trump appears to represent the people, he appears to oppose the establishment, and they appear to fear and revile him. Hillary Clinton is clearly a supporter of the establishment. The Mainstream Media (MSM) were100% behind the Clinton campaign, every issue relating to Trump was blown out of all proportion by the MSM, Clinton in comparison only received praise and support, regardless of what may have happened or may be happening.

We saw something similar with the EU referendum, the British MSM (with a few newspaper exceptions) continually touted the doom and gloom predictions of leaving the EU, rarely highlighting any possible benefits, and continually attacking the Brexit supporting individuals such as Farage, Boris and Michael Gove – and yet we won, in fact by a reasonably large margin, almost certainly higher if we allow for some level of voter fraud.

There are many who still cannot accept the result, perhaps they need to re-read the dictionary definition of Democracy. To ignore the outcome of the referendum is to support tyranny, that is what a dictatorship or a fascist government would do. However, as in the US, they are entitled to peacefully protest, a right which may soon be suppressed in their beloved EU. Honestly though, if you really want to be in the EU that badly, go and live in a Country that won’t be leaving, you are welcome to stay here and work to make this work, but by all means if you wish vote with your feet.

Any MP who cannot accept the result of the referendum should resign from parliament, trigger a bye-election and stand as an independent, as an anti-democracy candidate.

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