Return to 9/11 – The War on Terror

Pentagon – Arlington, West Virginia

The following picture shows the point of impact of American Airlines flight 77:


Can anyone make out the 47.32m (155’ 3”) long Boeing 757-200 with a 38.05m (124’ 10”) wingspan and tail height of 13.56m (44’ 6”)? The previous frame (at 24 fps) was prior to the fireball and smoke, so just prior to collision (no plane). Not sure of the scale here, but at 24 fps would expect to see a plane that size fill most of the screen!! Remember the images from Lockerbie? Where’s the wreckage?


Below is a mock up of the scale of the plane and the building.


1. How can a plane 38m wide disappear into a 6m hole and leave no external wreckage, yet pass through six walls of reinforced concrete (3 rings 310 feet) and leave a 9 foot hole on exit. The planes hitting the WTC towers virtually disintegrated on impact.

2. The titanium steel engines of the 757 apparently vaporized (not likely) yet a silk bandana belonging to a hijacker was recovered unscathed.

3. NORAD is informed by FAA if any aircraft deviates from course, loses contact with ATC or loses transponder.

4. NORAD scrambles jets to investigate any of the above (precautionary principle) except on 9/11. Prior to 9/11 NORAD had a 100% response record.

5. Washington DC is the most secure air space on the planet, anything approaching its airspace will be intercepted or shot down if pilots do not change course. Andrew’s Air Force base is only five minutes from Washington by Jet.

6. Flight 77 flew 45 minutes away from Washington (towards LAX), then turned back after abruptly changing course, yet no fighters were scrambled in the returning 45 minutes.

7. The pentagon (America’s most strategic defence establishment) has automated anti-aircraft missile batteries – what happened to those?

8. According to Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of State for Defence) he was told about planes hitting the WTC about twenty minutes after we in the UK watched it on TV, even though he was in the Pentagon that day.

9. The area of the pentagon hit was earmarked for major renovation, also the budgetary records for the pentagon were in this area, following the attack $3 trillion was unaccounted for.

10. Military experts say the hole made by the “plane” hitting the pentagon could only be made by a bunkerbuster bomb. There are unconfirmed reports that the 757 flew over the pentagon and was followed in by the missile. Certainly eyewitnesses report the plane flying toward the pentagon, but not on the very specific trajectory it would have needed to flown on to hit the building as reported.

11. Pilots of 757’s with thousands of hours of experience say the manoeuvres would be almost impossible for them to make, but would be possible if flown as a remote controlled drone.

12. Richard Myers the acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking uniformed officer on the day – was not informed of the WTC tower strikes, or the pentagon because he was in a meeting at the Capitol Building, is that likely?

13. Around the World there are six devices that measure the Earths magnetic flux strength, which is pretty much constant and unchanging. At the time of the first WTC plane strike, all six reported a massive change in field strength, then returned to normal. What could have caused that? Some suggest an energy weapon of some type. HAARP!!

George Bush (then US President!) was told of the first plane hitting the WTC, whilst attending a junior school in Florida. He carried on reading to children after receiving the news, even though he was considered a primary terrorist target.

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