Return to 9/11 – The War on Terror

New York – WTC

Consider the following:

1. Buildings don’t collapse upon themselves at freefall speed, and against the path of most resistance, they should have toppled from the upper levels.

2. Steel melts at 2,500oC, aviation fuel burns at 1,700°C.

3. If floors collapsed from the core, as claimed, the core should have been left standing.

4. The towers were designed to withstand multiple collisions from Boeing 707’s, which are bigger, faster and carry more fuel than 767’s.

5. No tower had ever previously collapsed due to fire, a skyscraper in Madrid burned fiercely for more than 24 hours but did not collapse.

6. George Bush’s brother owned the company responsible for security at WTC, and also the company with whom they were insured.

7. Significant shares in airline companies were sold prior to 9/11, these share prices plummeted following the events.

8. BBC and CBS announced the collapse of building 7, thirty minutes before its collapse, with footage actually showing it still standing whilst announcing its collapse. Then they claimed to have lost the footage, but it’s on YouTube.

9. Nothing was found in the WTC wreckage larger than a telephone handset, everything was pulverised, why?

10. Not even FBI or FEMA agents were allowed to inspect the scene at WTC, all the debris was moved to Staten Island and then most was dumped in deep water in the Atlantic.

11. Several hijackers were not on flight manifests

12. Planes were all about 20% full, normally those flights would be 80% or more.

13. The owner of the towers had recently renewed and greatly increased the buildings insurance.

14. It is suggested that the towers had asbestos, which would have cost $billions to remove.

15. The passport of a hijacker was found not even singed on NYC Street having apparently survived the plane crash, fireball and building collapse.

16. Mohammed Atta boarded a plane in Portland with just 3 minutes to spare, which seems unusual considering the need for him to catch his next flight.

17. The owner of building 7 announced on the day, he decided to “pull” the building, it can take weeks to rig a large building for demolition, not hours. Building 7 was 47 storeys high and was not hit; there was no structural reason for it to collapse. Other buildings closer to the twin towers, damaged when they collapsed, did not collapse.

18. Many of the companies occupying the towers advised key staff to take the day off, the buildings were considerably less occupied than normal.

19. Days after the collapse fire-fighters reported molten metal, this could only be military grade thermalite, used for cutting steel.

20. 50,000 + first responders are expected to die from respiratory disease, such as asbestosis, the ground zero site had been declared safe following the collapse.

21. Several of the alleged 19 hijackers have been recorded as alive and well

22. Mohammed Atta was described as a heavy drinker and frequenter of strip joints, not exactly the profile of a Muslim fanatic.

23. Al Qaeda means “the database”, this is understood to refer to the group as CIA assets, which Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden had previously been.

24. According to flight instructors the “hijackers” could not even manage single engine Cessna’s, but could apparently make highly complex manoeuvres in huge multi-engined jets.

25. See operation Northwood’s section 8 under History, Wars & Education, Wars, Cuban Crisis.

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