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Registration, Licenses and Permits


We all register various items, without realising we are transferring ownership through a legal trust relationship. We give up legal title in return for beneficiary title, which additionally has statutes and rules attached. Anything you register you give away. There is no requirement for full disclosure from the holder of the legal title, so we may not be aware of any terms and conditions. Registration is not a lawful requirement, we are told it is. We register (transfer ownership) the following:

  • Birth of our children (ours was by our parents) – State now owns your children.
  • Marriage – You, your spouse and the state.
  • Divorce – State decides who can continue to “ward” the children.
  • Cars – State now owns your car.
  • Right to vote – State now owns your loyalty.
  • Land Registry – State now owns your home.


When we register the birth of children, we sign ownership of the children to the state, we become their legal guardians, the state can, at its discretion, take our children into care, and we have no right to stop them – we signed away that right – albeit unknowingly. At the time of child registration the legal fiction of that child is created; along with a national insurance number (NI) with a bankruptcy pre-pay account. Instead of registering births, we should record births.

Marriage and Divorce

A marriage involving a marriage certificate (there are others) creates a three way contract, there’s the man, the woman and the state. Each partner in the marriage has a one third (33%) stake in the marriage, and all property resulting from the marriage. In legal terms property also means any children born of the marriage, which means the state has a 1/3 stake in the child at birth. In return the state offers a number of privileges, such as child benefit and free healthcare through the NHS. Marriage is one of the few contracts you cannot easily revoke, you need the state’s permission to ‘divorce’ and it can only be for specified reasons, following a defined amount of time apart, you then receive a divorce certificate (decree nisi), and the state still gets a fair share of the spoils through its lawyers, barristers and courts.

Following the birth of a child, the parents are compelled to register the birth of the child (legal not lawful requirement), which effectively passes the parents remaining two thirds (1/3 father, 1/3 mother) ownership over to the state. This means that from the point of registration the child is now owned 100% by the state until the age of eighteen. Because the state owns the child, they stipulate how the child should be raised, they specify a range of vaccinations the child should receive, that from the age of 4 or 5 the child must be educated in a state run school, or otherwise authorised teaching establishment. Consent can be given to home learning, but anyone doing so must follow the state defined “national curriculum”. Therefore parents have no authority to refuse a child having vaccinations, nor can they decide what a child is taught (indoctrinated?), unless it is at home in addition to the curriculum. The state is attempting to ban the smacking and chastisement of children, it only needs to make the decision. We are obviously not told that our children belong to the state; it’s all part of the great deception. Social services have the power to remove children from their parents for seemingly any reason they see fit. Kangaroo (family) courts can be convened that will always find in favour of Social Services (SS – how apt). State control extends beyond the age of eighteen, but at the age of majority, the child gains additional privileges, and cannot for instance be taken into care, or forced into state education.

Your Car

Owning a car creates a whole stack of legal requirements, every one of them a money making scam.

• Firstly, you register your car with DVLA. You may not realise this, but when you register (give away) your car, you become the registered keeper, DVLA is the owner, so any speeding or parking offence notices should go to them, they are charged to the owner.
• You are legally required to obtain road tax for your vehicle.
• You are legally required to insure your vehicle; we have National Insurance, why should we need any other?
• You are required to comply with all statutes included in various Road traffic acts.
• Any car 3 years or older, you are required annually to obtain an MOT certificate, which allegedly confers your vehicle is roadworthy. An MOT is only valid for the day it was issued.
• You may only use authorised fuels, so no pink diesel, which is reduced duty fuel for agricultural vehicles only
• You must own a valid driving license, to drive your vehicle on public roads
• You may only drink a prescribed amount of alcohol, to legally drive, but drugs are okay apparently
• If you break road traffic act rules, you will be fined and have points added to your driving licence, if those points exceed a total of twelve, your license will be revoked for an amount of time, during which you cannot drive
• Even if you hold a valid MOT certificate, you may still be fined, if for example you have a bald tyre or failed light, you may also get points – why have an MOT certificate if it’s not valid?


When you register your right to vote (electoral register) you are tacitly agreeing to abide by whatever the government does, to adopt and abide by their statutes, whether you vote or not, regardless of whom you may have voted for. If you choose to not register to vote (or de-register), you are unable to obtain credit and there may be other restrictions.

Your Home

When you purchase a home, there is an element for which you are charged called Land Registry. As in all cases of registration, you are once again giving away certain rights to your property (land). This one does not appear to be as pernicious as some of the others; it makes you subject to local planning consents. Meaning you must seek permission to make alterations to a property you own – planning permission, and be charged for submitting plans for consideration. You are also subject to building regulations, which again you are charged for, in addition to all costs incurred in complying with ever changing regulations. Some of these are certainly sensible, ensuring that any building work, or gas piping, or electrical work is safe. However, being forced to comply and pay for work relating to climate change considerations may not be so sensible.

Licenses and permits

We are also told we need licenses/permits for various activities:

• Driving a car on the roads, including motorcycles up to 125 cc
• Separate license for riding a motorcycle on the roads above 125 cc
• Driving a Heavy Goods vehicle on the roads
• Driving a coach or bus on the roads
• Owning a shotgun
• Watching a television
• Operating a short wave Radio
• Fishing on certain rivers or lakes
• Operating various types of water craft
• Serving alcohol in a pub or restaurant

Clearly, none of these activities are unlawful, you could not for instance obtain a licence to kill, or commit rape or burglary, and no license could ever be granted allowing a breach of common law offences.

A requirement for competency is understandable and for many of the above is a prerequisite for obtaining a license.

However, there is no lawful requirement to possess a license, only a legal requirement. It is possible to lawfully surrender your driving license and still lawfully drive on the roads, gypsies and freemen of the land do this.

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