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Cases of Treason

I am not a member (citizen) of the European Union – because membership is determined by consent and I am withholding my consent to being governed by a foreign power, as per the declaration of rights and bill of rights 1689.

Extract from 1689 Bill of Rights:

And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

No-one in this Country, including HM the Queen, possesses the authority to sign away the sovereignty of this Country to another foreign power. The Bill of Rights & Declaration of Rights 1689, declares that only by the will of the people, or defeat and surrender in war, can British sovereignty change. To do otherwise is treason. Therefore several members of parliament, civil servants, Lords and possibly the Queen herself are apparently guilty of treason. These include, but are not limited to Edward Heath (deceased), Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who have all signed (unlawfully) treaties, which have wholly or severally ceded authority and powers to a foreign power, namely the European Union, without the express (democratic) authority of the people of this realm, through a national referendum or other democratic process.  Therefore, those named above, and any others who have assumed an authority they do not possess are de facto guilty of treason, also David Cameron as current Prime Minister is guilty of misprision of treason as long as he denies the nation a referendum. Furthermore, we are told that treason is no longer a crime, this is completely untrue and explains how these people are able to sign away British sovereignty, by assuming they possess authority that they don’t, and attempting to remove the impediment of treason laws to achieve that authority. It is treason to remove the laws of treason, just as it is fraud to cover up a fraud. Everyone should be very concerned about this.

It is the belief of this site that we should leave the EU immediately and unconditionally, and seek reparations for all monies paid to date, which have been taken unlawfully and illegally, as this was not sanctioned by the people of Britain, nor are we aware of being militarily defeated in war. Furthermore it is unlawful to fund a criminal organisation, which because of its failure for fourteen consecutive years to audit its accounts, renders the EU a criminal organisation.

However, this site also supports the true concept of democracy (as understood by the people) and would therefore support a national referendum, contested fairly and equitably (equal funding to both sides) with the proviso that one of the options MUST be that Britain leave immediately and unconditionally, without that option any referendum would be rendered void, unlawful and indeed treasonous. There is no realistic reason to believe that the remnants of the EU would not wish to trade with Britain, as this already occurs with non-EU  European countries, such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. All laws relating to sedition and treason should be enforced and all those guilty of these crimes should be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes if found guilty by a jury.

Other cases of treason

  • Lord Asquith (Liberal PM) in 1910 committed the first case of modern day treason, he petitioned King Edward VII with Parliament Act, KE VII refused to grant Royal Assent as in his view it was unconstitutional – as per Bill of Rights 1689
  • Later that year King Edward died and King George V ascended the throne, Asquith re-presented the Parliament Act and KG V granted Royal Assent and in that one action the power of Royal Assent was removed. The Act came into being in 1911.
  • Ted Heath and his government deceived the voting public in the referendum of 1976, not only did we join the European Common market, he signed away our fishing rights and set us on the road to a federalised Europe involving the loss of our Sovereignty. Who knew back then that we were agreeing to give up being a sovereign state? This can be proven following release of papers into the national archive in 2006.
  • Almost every MP, PM, minister and civil servant since then have colluded in the deception and signed us deeper into the EU in subsequent treaties.
  • Labour’s European Minister – Caroline Flint – who signed the Lisbon treaty claimed to have not read the document!!

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