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UK Fixed Assets

Below is a blueprint on how the Country could establish its net worth, these fixed assets then become the equity to back the nations currency, importantly this currency would only have value within the Country issuing the currency, any territories or dependencies accepting the currency. Those territories would then add their net worth to the overall nett worth, a common wealth.

Fixed national assets:


Asset Unit Value £ Value (£billions)
24 million Households 250,000 6,000
30,000 schools 10m 300
426 Councils 1bn 426
350 hospitals 100m 35
130 Universities 100m 13
230,000 miles of roads 10m/mile 2,300
2,200 miles of motorway 24m/mile 53
21,000 miles of railway track 5m/mile 105
40 major airports 1bn 40
21 major ports 1bn 21
60,000,000 acres of land 10,000/acre 600
5,000 railway stations 10m 50
10 royal Palaces/Estates 1bn 10
68 power stations 1bn 68
9 Nuclear power stations 5bn 45
10 major cities 10bn 100
100 large towns 1bn 100

In addition can be added museums, business parks, prisons, courts, police stations, water treatment plants, farms, office buildings, factories, churches, cathedrals, sports stadiums, bus terminals, golf courses, national and municipal parks, government buildings and properties, army, airforce and navy bases, theme parks, stately homes, shopping malls, reservoirs, shops, warehouses, rivers and waterways, banks and building society buildings, theatres, cinema’s, race tracks, etc.

Approximately £15 trillion.

Every citizen given one-off payment of £50,000 tax free – excludes non-citizens, prisoners and those earning in excess of £250,000 per annum. Families would receive £50,000 for all children living with them up to age 21. Children living with parents from 16 upwards would additionally receive £50,000 or into trust. Fifteen year olds would have £40,000 paid into trust fund, thirteen year olds £30,000, twelve year olds £20,000 and eleven year olds £10,000. This is an attempt to ensure each child will receive at least £50,000 when they reach age sixteen, and those around that age receive some level of parity.

Approximately £4.5 trillion.

Every private household given £20,000 grant to invest in free energy, solar, air2air, air2water, water reclamation systems and similar only. Similar amount given to councils for council housing. Paid only on verified legitimate invoice.

Approximately £500 billion.

Further £10,000 per private household for improvements, maintenance and renovation to properties. Paid only on verified legitimate invoice.

£2 trillion (or more) in immediate infrastructure improvements and upgrades – roads, hospitals, schools, utilities, council housing stock, railways, prisons.

Assign £1 trillion to support pensioners, home carers, handicapped and infirm.

Scrap welfare state and public pension schemes. Maintain existing public sector pension schemes, but suspend all new entrants into scheme. Cost approximately £1 trillion.

Abolish income tax (for most), national insurance, inheritance tax (below £1 million), council tax, land registry, road tax, MOT, mandatory car insurance, TV license, stamp duty (below £1 million). These subject to further consideration. Scrap VAT and replace with POS Sales tax, mainly on luxury items only (see sub-section on taxation).

The government (or what replaces it) on behalf of the nation, would purchase an amount of gold, silver, platinum (or other tangible assets) to the value of £2 trillion to use as collateral and an International trading medium. Gold would become the International currency, with currency value rates established by an independent non-partisan group with no financial incentive or conflict of interest.

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